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Breakthrough The best Quan Chi


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My mom tells me I'm pretty
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Shujinkydink : THE Quan Chi from Canada. Showed the west coast that there is a threat from the sorcerer and that the rune is strong. From Devastation 2011 until EVO 2013, the Canadian Quan ran through competitors at a rapid rate.

Hidan : Coming from across the sea, Hidan lit up the Quan forums with his up-and-coming Quan game. Showed how strong he was against Mustard and Ketchup, bringing about an incredibly strong footsies game with Quan.

Under_The_Mayo : The sole reason why Quan was able to be played at the level he achieved. Created several meter building techniques and showcased the f2~trance AA before he went to helping Kitanas ;_;


My mom tells me I'm pretty
Dou you have some links handy perchance? I'm pretty sure it's googleable material, but still? :)

0:00 - Playpal vs Blue Nine
6:15 - Playpal vs Claude Vonstroke
10:20 - Playpal vs James MK
16:14 - Playpal vs MK Peanuts
22:08 - Playpal vs Milky Situation
32:40 - Playpal vs VSM_Insuperable
41:08 - Jer vs VSM_Insuperable
48:28 - KFrog vs VSM_Insuperable
56:31 - Vida vs VSM_Insuperable
1:05:32 - Loling Octopus vs VSM_Insuperable
1:11:48 - Shady vs VSM_Insuperable
1:22:50 - BA_Winter Warz vs VSM_Insuperable
1:33:20 - BA_Winter Warz vs VSM_Maxter
1:44:17 - TTT_Neorussell vs VSM_Maxter

Teams =
Canada (Playpal, Jer, Kfrog, Vida, Loling Octopus, Shady, Winter Warz, Neorussel)
USA (Bluenine, Claude Vonstroke, Jamessmk, MK Peanuts, Milky Situation, Insuperable, Maxter, REO)