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Greetings, every one! NRF Rude here again with some very interesting options involving interactables and Batman's corner game.

I want to preface, as always, by saying that if this is already known, you may feel to dismiss this as you will.

Now, what we're going to discuss tonight is how Batman can interact with certain objects in the corner. This is a beta version of a full guide I intend to make later, but the principles should work the same no matter what corner interactable you're using. The only requirement is that it involves a bomb that can launch the opponent, but does not destroy the interactable.

So things like Wayne Manor's car bomb, Metropolis, and the robot in the Hall of Justice.

This was all done on Wayne Manor, so other stages will be tested later. Still, I do believe the same principles work across the board.

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, let's get down to it: It is my belief that when you're fighting in stages that have explosive corner interactibles, all corner combos should be ended with MB Grapple. This isn't news. We do it all the time. Resets, negating wake-ups, etc.

However...in these special corners, we have another option. We can perform a cross-over jump and activate a bomb. The stun lasts long enough for the jump and the hitboxes on these explosions are so long that most opponents cannot get away from the follow-up explosion. (A note: I need an actual human to test Zod and Black Adam's abilities to escape this, due to their powerful backdashes.)

What happens when we activate the explosion is that we get an extra, unscaled 18%. Better yet, we get a grapple opportunity to place them back into the corner. You can choose to MB it and repeat the situation over again.

Here is an example of how this affects combos:

J2, 223, J3, 123, B23, rb, MB Grapple = 40%

Now, add the car bomb explosion and you get and additional 18%

J2, 223, J3, 123, B23, rb, MB Grapple, cross over jump, car bomb = 58%

J2, B23, dash, 123, B23, rb, MB Grapple = 40%. Car Bomb added = 58%

J2, B112, 123, B23, rb, MB Grapple = 30% Car Bomb added = 48%

J2, 123, J3, 123, B23, rb, MB Grapple = 38% Car Bomb added = 56%

A VERY Important note when performing this: You have to time your jump carefully. If you do it too fast, the explosion will count as apart of your existing combo and cause your opponent to splat away from you. You don't want that.

Another Very Important Note: Straight Grapple is entirely clashable.

Upon discovering this I was very disheartened. What good is a trap if an opponent can escape? It was then that the idea of an unclashable version of this could be possible.

Same set-up as before. Only this time, you have to make sure they're closer to the edge of the interactable. It's not too different from where they stand from the jump. The further away from the edge of an interactable you are, the different ways the gravity behaves. Well, you commit to the set-up and when they come flying toward you, immediately throw out a batarang and IMMEDIATELY meter burn it. Do not wait for it to touch them. The MB Batarang cannot be clashed. (If training mode is to be believed).

If executed correctly, you've earned 21%. So tack on 21% to existing combos if you choose to end this way.

But wait...there's more.

What if you don't have Bats? Well, I've got you covered.

Here are Batless combos:

223, J3, 123, B2 MB Grapple = 28% Car Bomb Version = 46%
113, F3, J2, 22 MB Grapple = 25% Car Bomb Version = 43%
B113, 123, B2 MB Grapple = 19% Car Bomb Version = 37%

After the explosion, you can choose to zone with Bats, or execute grapple to repeat the situation.

But wait...there is more! Yes, even more!

Say you want to cross up your opponent. If you cross up with 123, b112, or 223, you have a very interesting set-up option.

Say you cross your opponent up in the corner with the previously mentioned options, off of any of those strings you can cancel into MB sky grapple to toss them back into the corner. Again, this isn't news.

What IS news is that you can dash underneath them as they bounce from the MB grapple and activate the car bomb. The explosion happens almost as soon as they land. When they are hit with the explosion, their bodies are tossed toward you in a "splat" fashion, allow you more follow ups.

From the "splat" you could do Bat Swarm and launch for a corner carry combo, or cross-over for more mix-ups, or anything else, really.

Here are the damage values:

J2, 223, MB Sky Grapple = 23% Car Bomb = 41%
J2, 123, B2, MB Sky Grapple = 22% Car Bomb = 40 %
J2, b113, B2, MB Sky Grapple = 21% Car Bomb = 39%

Now, I still need to test this last bit versus wake-up attacks, as I'm not sure if they can execute one or not given that they're not on the ground for very long before the explosion happens. I also need to test the first half vs. backdashes.

Still, what you have here are very different options for what to do in the corner when you're faced with an interactable.

beef_supreme Can you test your set-up in the corner with the j2,123, b113, and 223 follow-ups into MB Sky grapple to see if your tech and mine can compliment one another? I think they may, but I can't test it at the moment.

SOT Semi Evil Ryu

There is sure more to discover, but I wanted to get this up to get the conversation started about these options and see what more we can find.


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I love doing j2 into explosions in the corner off of a MB grapple, some you even get around another 30% depending on the distance because they pop up.

It still seems people haven't incorporated his trait cancel into his BNBs, theres no reason not to be getting more than 40% and you don't have to rely on having bats out before the combo. With the trait cancel mid combo you are getting 40+ with any combo starter.

ie j2-123-3-cb-123-b23-rb-MB grapple is 43% I believe.

Batmans sky grapple, b112 and 112cb can also be very deadly in the interactable game. If you ever want a free OTG unscaled interactable damage spacing is key. If you end a combo directly under a throwing interactable (ie statue heads in AA, lights in lexs or flying bots in Watchtower) with sky grapple, if you jump up immediately and throw them it is an unescapable OTG, they can't wake up.

If you are ever directly under a TV or any of the ones that you place a bomb on and it explodes in a V shape angle, you can end the combo with MB grapple> j2 b112 jump up and place the bomb. Unfortunately this one doesn't OTG and most can wake up against it. Sky grapple also unfortunately sends them out of range for the explosion to hit as well :(

For other interactables that are quick (ie the pig, dumpster, piano) you can end a combo after a MB grapple with 112cb interactable and it will be unscaled and as far as I tested inescapable. If you did 112 interactable it would actually scale in the combo.

I think Showtime posted up 112 interactable in the corner at the Batcave with the batmobile missle and that can actually be backdashed but with the damage output on the reset you definitely need to give it a shot considering its very unlikely your opponent has ever seen it before. But if you know your opponent will backdash you can actually do 112cb interactable and it will catch the back dash and give you the splat for 18% for whatever reason.


Not a batman player but was playing with this and came up with a combo using the trait cancel and car bomb.
After the interact able you can jump towards the opponent with j2 And start a new combo with mid trait cancel.

Example :
inter - j2 - b2, 4 - 1,2,3 - b2,3, cb, MB grapple.

Can lead to some pretty large damage if you have meter, as you can j2 - b2, MB grapple, jump over inter, whilst your waiting for bats to charge.