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The ABCs of MK9 - By Phase 3 ft. the MK Community.

Phase 3

Feels Good Man
With Injustice and Killer Instinct dominating the attention on TestYourMight, I figured it'd be nice to reflect on our beloved Mortal Kombat 9. I created this book for Mortal Kombat players looking to reminisce, for new players looking to discover this game's legacy and for anyone struggling with the alphabet. On each page you'll find an aspect of MK9 corresponding to a letter of the alphabet along with input from many of the community all-stars.

Continued in Post 2

Phase 3

Feels Good Man

Note: Absolutely none of these quotes, except mine and I think F0xy's, are actually real. Any similarities to actual quotes would be genuinely coincidental.

Disclaimers: If you weren't included in the book it's not personal. I mostly wrote the list of names off the top of my head so the obvious priority went to friends, people I've met and people I've seen a lot of around here. This isn't a list of who I think are the best players or most deserving or whatever. It's mostly random. Also, please don't misunderstand the real point of this thread. I wrote a whole other disclaimer but I'm hoping I won't have to post it...

That's it. Thanks to anyone who sat through the whole thing and sorry to anyone I might have offended with my fabricated quotes.


The only morality in a cruel world is chance.
I also love what you said under zero regrets. Couldn't agree more.