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Well I just discovered I was made the new Sektor forum moderator. I realise a lot of you guys supported me along the way and I can only thank you for that support. I don't really wish to impose my will or anything like that and that's mostly because I feel we are sensible and everyone gets on ok.

I am looking forward to having a more active role in this forum and I know that I haven't been posting as much information lately but that is all coming in due time. I will organise the forums within this week and delete some of the older unnecessary threads that are no longer of use.

Then hopefully I plan to continue my in depth MU analysis write-ups and see where we go from there. You guys just continue doing what you're doing. The only thing I won't tolerate are insults, excessive trolling or the like, but I've come to not expect that from a well trained group of cybernetic Lin Kuei assassins :).

Thank you once again for without you guys this wouldn't be possible. If you recommend I do something or you have any queries or whatever the case may be, never hesitate to PM me. I always have time for my Sektor brethren.