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Texas Showdown 2019/Summit of Time Results

There was a lot of Mortal Kombat going on this weekend: Texas Showdown, a showdown going on in Texas, and the Summit of Time, a Summit where they had time to play MK11. If you missed one or both, here some details to get caught up so you can talk about what happened with your co-workers at the water cooler.

First, Texas Showdown. Mainly because if you were watching anything, it was probably the Summit. With the biggest names not attending, this was a great opportunity for some newer faces to come out and shine. The Top 8 finished out with:
  1. TSS Deoxys
  2. Coosco
  3. KingGambler
  4. Ominous
  5. HandySavage
  6. Splash
  7. Poser Paul
  8. Mattix

So that's pretty cool. If you want to scope out the archive, you can watch that here.

For the Summit, you can watch the final day here, as well as the other shenanigans you may want to see, like the Rock Paper Scissors tournament. Results are below for you people who just want to know what happened.

  1. EchoFox Sonic Fox
  2. Dragon
  3. DR Gross
  4. DJT
  5. Noble Semiij
  6. Scar
  7. NASR Tekken Master
  8. Happy Pow

WOOOOOO, so that's it. We'll be back with our proper breakdowns come Combo Breaker 2019 next week.



It's two different events. They deserve two different results threads. My .02$

Anyone know the characters used in top 8 for Texas Showdown?
  1. Deoxys (Geras)
  2. Coosco (Sonya)
  3. KingGambler(Skarlet/Dvorah)
  4. Ominous (Jax/Geras)
  5. Splash(Kitana/Cetrion/Skarlet)
  6. HandySavage (Jacqui, Scorpion, Noob Saibot)
  7. Poser Paul( Scorpion, Kabal)
  8. Mattix (Geras, Baraka)
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