Testyourmight's Player Spotlight: Featuring JBeezyBaby!

Discussion in 'Fighting Philosophy' started by 9_Lives, Mar 10, 2018.

By 9_Lives on Mar 10, 2018 at 9:09 AM
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    Hello everybody, and welcome to another session of Testyourmight’s Player Spotlight, where we try to promote a youtube channel, stream, or sponsorship of one of our own players to try and show our support for this community! Today we are featuring Testyourmight’s (TYM) @JBeezYBabY, who many of you may already know as an outgoing and eccentric player who can get along with just about anybody. In the brief time he has been on our site, he has made a splash by consolidating a strong TYM drag community in this thread: https://testyourmight.com/threads/3-drag-queens-3.66022/page-4#post-2378945, where anybody can post and discuss their ideas for drag costumes, results at competitions, or other people who inspire them.

    “A pic of my other winning performance as the female Black Raiden ;)

    9_Lives (red)
    "I haven't known you for long, but if there is one thing I've learned from our time with you on this site, it's that you are very much a positive influence. Everybody seems to know you and likes having you around. I don't know much about your placements in tournaments, but we both know that isn't everything to being a part of our awesome NRS community. What is one critical piece of advice you can offer to any newcomer to fighting games that may help them to emulate these amazing traits and stay above the downplaying and dismay that sweeps even the best of us on this site once in a while?"

    JBeezYBaby (purple)
    "One critical piece of advice I would give to a newcomer to fighting games is support. We all come into the FGC because we love fighting games. And for a scene to grow, it needs support. Some people just want to come into the scene and take information without contributing and that's selfish and toxic. A scene can't grow with everybody taking. But if you give back, even if it’s as simple as giving advice on a character, discovering tech, posting a video, anything that contributes to supporting each other get better. The more people realize that, the more joy people will have in the FGC without being negative. And be realistic. People respect honesty way more than BS or trolling. It shows that you're credible even if you're not a top player. As long as you're truthful, I respect you. Last thing I would say is treat others the way that you want to be treated. We all love playing video games so why not show love to your fellow gamers. Now that's righteous ;)"

    Here is another winning performance of his under the persona of Ava Bronner II:

    "I'm a big critic when it comes to me."
    Moving words coming from a person who can display such confidence in front of a large live audience!

    Be sure to drop in on his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter at the following links to help support our community!
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Discussion in 'Fighting Philosophy' started by 9_Lives, Mar 10, 2018.

    1. SoapBar
      So shines a bright light in a dreary world.
      Swindle and JBeezYBabY like this.
    2. BurdaA
      Don’t really use social media sorry, but I’m a real fan of your honest positivity. Stay righteous bro (!exclamation!) :)
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    3. ILuvFightGames
      I don't like this @JBeezYBabY guy. I mean, can we ban him? Question mark??
      Linkuei82, JBeezYBabY and The_Tile like this.
    4. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      A man with such a positive attitude, every community would love to have more people like you my friend. And you're damn right about support, because the more support and mutual respect, the better the community becomes.

      Keep going dude!:D
    5. Sugarwatermixlegit
      Well deserved! He talks to everybody on the site with love and care and he's such a cool dude.
      Glad to have him around!
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    6. neveradestroyer
      He's a very positive guy alright. Very well deserved.
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    7. JBeezYBabY
      I'm....speechless....BUT I DID WRITE A SPEECH DOWN THO ;) *takes out crumbled paper*

      Ummm I like to thank Popeyes chicken for always supplying me with Lunch to give me energy to post on this site ;)

      And ummm...i like thank Jesus. Yeah....JESUS :)

      BUT FO REALZ! OH MY SWEET GURKEEEEEENS! This is truly an honor to be highlighted in such a magnitude as this. When you go through alot of bad things in life, it humbles you. Like...losing my mother. I would have never thought id even be breathing typing this. But Ive learned to take the good from the bad and make the most of it. Coming here, i didn't think id be accepted with love like i have been receiving from y'all and i really appreciate every single one of you. Even the ppl who don't like me, that gives me the drive to improve as a person to achieve bigger things. Know that there's always a positive side to whatever you're going through.

      I know I haven't posted as much, just been busy with life, taking care of my sick father, keeping a roof over my family's head, and getting back on stage performing. As matter of fact....I'm actually performing in my hometown of Pomona at a club I haven't performed in years! So ill be getting ready all day for tonight. But just quickly wanted to pop up on here to say thank you to everybody on TYM, from the mods, to the posters, to the news crew, and to @9_Lives for highlighting me on this platform. Thank y'all so much. Stay RIGHTEOUS ;)
    8. Johnny Based Cage
    9. Eldriken

      Joking aside, you're a great addition to the community, Beezy. :)
    10. Badboy Takuma
    11. Mista_Snacks
      Uncle jbeezy strikes again
      JBeezYBabY likes this.
    12. Flamelurkr
      Was trying to be mad at you for giving up on inj but then I see this damn thread and I'm happy! Dammit!
      JBeezYBabY likes this.
    13. ANGELMAN
      You are an inspiration, fam. I will drink in your honor. Dilly Dilly.
      JBeezYBabY likes this.
    14. GLoRToR
      @JBeezYBabY is a kind-hearted person down to the core. Think what you may of how he does whatever, you can't deny that he's genuine and loveable. Homophobes get trashed. You don't see a diamond in the coal.
      JBeezYBabY and Eldriken like this.
    15. JBeezYBabY
      Awww thats the nicest thing you've said to me every....DICK! :p

      Thank you so much. I know at times we didn't see eye to eye on things, but i really do appreciate you. And we most definitely game it up sometime ;)

      U know ive always loved me some TAKUMEEZY! lol Always appreciate the love :)

      That needs to be a damn movie with Samuel L Jackson as my sidekick. You know how much screaming n cussing there would be? LOL Love ya brotha!

      Its infectious, i know ;) We definitely had some good ass times in that game with you drinking beer and me drinking wine, it was a party! haha. Thanks man for being apart of my joy on this site, fo realz :)

      You will drink just to drink, damnit lol. But seriously, thank you man. I really appreciate you always showing Uncle JBeezY love. I sees you :)

      I will always ignore the hate, but always appreciate the love! And you have shown me nothing but that since ive been here, and im very thankful for ppl like you. Thank YOU, baby! RIghteous :)
    16. GLoRToR
      highlevelgamers like you are much appreciated ;)
      JBeezYBabY likes this.
    17. JBeezYBabY
      Awww im just a mere lover of video games. Thank you hunny <3

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