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  1. Tim Static

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    Finally, its revealed! So with any further ado, I give you....MK SURVIVAL!

    (taken from Mr Osirun himself!)

    Happy to continue to see activity and interest in here! MK community is always amongst the most hype : )

    Speaking of hype, the much hinted at Mortal Kombat exhibition at PowerUp 2012 has been revealed! We have a hype banner, a format, and as you all know the team members are being determined as more and more confirmations of attendance roll in.

    All the following information pertaining to exhibition rules is also posted in the OP, which is found here:http://testyourmight.com/threads/ap...2012-tournament-season-cincinnati-ohio.13510/

    Mortal Kombat: Survival - Friday @ 9pm
    I would like to concisely explain the reasoning behind the format choice for MK: Survival. Showing off roster variety is, I feel, essential to keeping MK an entertaining viewing experience. Variety in selection also helps new players feel more at ease with the game's balance and encourages them to learn more about characters and game systems. Roster variety also helps keep things fresh for veteran players.

    The reason I want to include the crowd as a driving force in the exhibition is to be inclusive and give them more of a stake in what is happening, rather than being only passive observers (as happens in most exhibitions). I am looking forward to the show myself and will definitely be cheering for all the players involved.

    Make sure if you are going to PU2012 to please post here: http://testyourmight.com/threads/power-up-2012-player-list.14214/

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  2. Enenra

    Enenra Go to hell.

    l Enenra l
    This seems really hella cool. I want to see some DJT, CD, CD jr, REO, Pig, Tom Brady, Krayzie, Maxter, Sabin, Slips, Osu 16 Bit... Oh wait, that's already too many. Damn.
  3. garik16

    garik16 Noob

    Oof, sad that this cool exhibition will occur at the tourney that conflicts with the Mid Atlantic Kombat Tournament (Through no one's fault).
  4. Panque

    Panque Random foreign guy

    I think that it would be very entertaining to see REO use 3 other characters... I'd like to see his Liu Kang for some reason.
  5. Osirun

    Osirun www.powerupfighters.org

    garik16: If you are worried about not being able to watch both MK: Survival and the Flawless Victory stream, please remember that FV is streaming primarily on Saturday and MK: Survival will be at 9pm EST on Friday. So there should be no conflict as far as viewing time goes.

    If you mean conflicts as far as player confirmations, well, that is true, unfortunately. However, both events will still get great players to attend. MK: Survival will be hype and FV will be hype. We plan on directing stream traffic on Saturday to the FV stream, and then having FV direct viewers to the PU2012 stream for Sunday MK9 Top 8.

    MK fans are going to have one hell of a weekend come April 13th!
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  6. Awesome man, MK deserves more hype.

    its one thing that put people off its this game learning curve. There is no way i can play this game with my friends, its rather noobs learn one combo and stick with it, or blind special moves.
    nobodys online anymore, the tutorial doesn't cover enough, and the game's general difficulty doesn't reach any higher level of play. Button mashing doesn't have any gameplay flow so newcombers are stagnated.
    Iv been playing mortal kombat since i was a small tike, so I love MK and it comes easy to me.So what can I do to help keep MK9 on streams and on screens? what can people that live in ass Canada and cant go to events or make them do?

    This is like the only ligit modern fighting game out there. face it, I dont want another novelty fighting game from capcom where I can win with a combo i practiced for an hour and has gimmicky as shamwow mechanics. same goes for the rest. MK is so closely balenced, pros probably do nothing but make the game look bad to outsiders. that sucks because they make it entertaining for me.

    keep MK alive!

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