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Terminator Official DLC Trailer

Terminator's trailer has officially released, and is available for viewing. He faces off against a few different members of the cast, while we get a first look at his abilities, strings, and Fatal Blow/Fatalities.


Terminator officially releases on October 8th for Kombat Pack owners and October 17th for non Kombat Pack owners for individual purchase.
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yes yeah yep ! fucking awesome amazing , NRS really outdid now ! great homage to Arnie and Terminator movies, everything put so beautifully ! and people complanning about guest characters , oh my ! .... when they are so well done like this, how could you not them on MK franchise ?

well done, NRS , well done ! ;)
I wonder if metal skeleton is another instance of trailer magic and is just an alt skin. Kind of hoping that's the case. Don't want to lose my nice skin just because I got hit one too many times.
His moves remind me of Jax a lot. Didn't expect them to go so balls out on the shotgun with Ash and all.
Don't want to be a downer but he kinda looks off. I can't quite grasp it but it's either the face or animations. Reminds me of Terminator in one of the WWE games.
The skins are the shit, oh my god. Suit Johnny Cage looks great and Cassie Quinn is amazing. Not too big on full cyborg Kano though.