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Wow.. I joined (the fgc not the site) when I was 13 years old and I turned 23 on the 7th.

I've been a part of this community, able to take part in many dicussions, made lots of friends along the way, and shared many laughs.

Thanks, TYM ❤
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10 years of salt, hype, matchup charts, and Cherny asking for buffs

10 years of Paulo cooking up devious schemes and trolling stream chats

10 years of Tom Brady making videos, deleting those videos, leaving the community and coming back again

10 years of people rumoring a Shaolin Monks remake

10 years of reveal trailer hype and guest character controversy

I love you all —here’s to the next 10 years :D

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I joined on November 2010. I wonder how many users were back then!

When I look back, I was so young and pretty...now I am only pretty :D

Another reason, to get those T-shirts! Also, lookin' forward for Tank Tops xD

Long Live TYM! My daily news source & the only thing I reed everyday, while morning dump!


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Well i been coming to this site for 15 years...jk thank yall for this awesome site with awesome people with impeccable grammar.

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Joined in 2015 when I was 16, learned how to actually play a fighting game outside of mashing and look at it on a deeper level. I feel like I became a solid enough Sub-Zero player in MKX and Injustice 2 that I can be satisfied with personally. Haven’t played a lot of MK11 due to other priorities and it just not fitting in but I like watching the game and following the scene, thanks for this website guys

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Keeping up with TYM over the years has been super fun with watching the different personalities come and go. It's like a drama show, almost. There's story arcs to this website with all the users and it's amazing to witness. Who can forget the Khrome era? Or Falcon Lovers? Or status update copy pastas. All the cheeky references to past memes make it really nice to come back and interact, I love this website and the community - even if I don't play anymore I still like to lurk.

Thanks, TYM. You're alright.


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Been here since mk9 came out, the first game i particpated in locals. Took a couple of years off to play overwatch. Back here since mk11.


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It's officially been ten years ago (Nov 9th) that TYM was born. Thank you all for the continued support, both community and STAFF!

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Congratulations! Thank you for providing a home on the Internet for all of us fans of Mortal Kombat. This is the best MK site out there and often times the first one i visit in the morning. Hopefully you are around for many more years.