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I’ve been practicing with her third variation and I’m at a loss. I feel like she has no legit setups that give her any advantage over using Ring Master. I really like the drone drop special move and would love to find more effective ways to use it.

If anyone has any tech or setups or anything useful please post here because I’m about to give up on it.
This variation was actually a favorite of mine, I loved using it as pressure, not even to zone. Now they slowed all her drone moves, it's basically useless now. I guess I have to get used to the change, but I was so excited, now pretty bummed.


Just an opnion i think they should have made the drone to hit nearby opponents during drone summon i don't if anyone can agree with this but it would be good if it can hit


Not only is it slow but Sonya has very long recoveries when the turret is doing moves. It just is unplayable against real people because she's a sitting duck.
I don't know why they nerfed low .50 cal that much. The move is almost never useful because the move is slow and is -23 on block, so has a huge gap and is death on block. .50 has almost no use (maybe except to counter ducking projectiles like cassie's low gunshot, but the start up is so long you have to make the read and you'll still trade. So basically the leaping .50 cal is good for anti-airing, the slow mid is okay for keep the opponent blocking and drone self-destruct is great to either trick the opponent into attacking and damaging him in the process (but losing health in the process since the recovery can be punished) or having pressure into good frames on block, but it is not very reliable imo.
And finally the drone attack only connects with 2122, which can be okay for unbreakable damage, but very situational. And if not you'll use 134 bf2 because it is more damaging. You can't mix up with the turret because it is like 25 frames start up so reactable and unsafe like -20. And, to give an extra reason not to use the the turret hop, the turret disappears after the db4 attack even if you just called the turret 3 seconds ago.

So I'll stick with no holds barred.
So I labbed the variation more and used it in sets, and I think the best move is self destruct. Turret self destruct is good, situational but good. The radius for the explosion is tight, so you have to make sure your turret is well placed and condition your opponent to respect the start up. Midscreen, I observed four types of reactions when my opponent respected the start up/recovery of the self destruct : They're either agressive, so you block until the turret explodes, if they blocked the explosion you're like +20 on block and if they don't they get hurt, or they're turtle-ing until the turret explodes and give you a free mix up throw/b12/b14 (sometimes you can throw backwards to place the opponent on the turret, dealing 160.00 damage and place the opponent far enough to zone again). The can also backdash, if you read it you can b3u4~ender for decent damage. Or they jump in kick, and you use Air Control MB which triggers a Krushing Blow, if the opponent doesn't have both bars of defense, 45% of their life just disappear.