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Tekken Tag Tournament 2: PSN players list

It's been quite tedious for many to add people, so post your PSN name here so any new members can add you (feel free to post availiblity, who you main, and status as well). I will then update it here. This will be constantly updated, and I'm doing one for XBL players so don't worry.

PSN players list:
Protagonist_1 (current friends list is full, but ask and I'll make room) (hwoarang/steve) (hworang/baek)
Espio872 (available, though message him first before you add him)
MagnetoHalfway (also has a tekken team so feel free to join)
xX-NAKM-Xx (Main Team Yoshi/Kuni) (Troll team Jaycee/Michelle)
owerbert (Main Team: Armour King/Jaycee also using Lili)
GamerBlake90 (diamond in the rough) Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/hxcgamingevents
AgentFordCruller (available, though mesage him first before you add him)
Bild-Slash (still plays when available)
Mr_Mileena_(plays Lili/Anna)
JTB123 (plays Kazuya/Yoshimitsu, wants to level up)
slimjimppj (^_^)
Lastenmurskaajah (Heihachi/Kazuya and Bryan Bruce) (troll team Bob/Jinpachi/Marduk/Miguel)
s9-Oath (from Georgia USA) (Uses capos, robots, and bears oh my... generally uses a lot of people)
TheOnlyOne1980 (Main Team King/Miguel others include Kings, Feng, Bryan, Bruce, Steve, Jinpachi)
Cossner (Main team: Bryan Paul though his friends list might be full so pls message him first) Stream: www.twitch.tv/hey_im_pikachu#
corpsmanrey (King/A. King)
STBCharliemurphy (Main Team: King/Armour King) Stream:www.twitch.tv/charliemurphy41

*People who stream are in gold

Play on Xbox 360? Player list is in the link below:


Psn: TheOnlyOne1980

Main team is A. King/Miguel, but I use Kings, Feng, and working on Ogres Jinpanchi, Bryan, Bruce, and Steve


I Pikachu while you shower.
PSN: Cossner
Main team: Bryan/Paul

I think Cossner's friends list is full tho. So message him/me for games.