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I think I nearly fainted when Speedkicks dropped his combo on Knee. One hit away from beating him and was the closest out of the ATL team to do it, and only 16!(I believe he's 16 or around there) It's funny because during an online tournament on KaraStorm's stream, the people in the chat were joking that he would face knee and get bodied, but he did pretty good.


Also, Clint the Beast was just stylin' with the bears. Kaayal(King/Armour King) was one of my favorites from the Socal team, and the final team match was insane since team Tennessee brought it back down on 3 to the final round.

Archive: http://www.twitch.tv/teamsp00ky/b/383951894 (5:27:14)

ATL vs. Team International (9:00:53)


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I started to fall asleep after AO beat theeeee.... I think it was the NYC team and missed some of the action and didn't get to see Knee play at all.


Ok so I just picked up this game and I actually kind of like it. Anybody on here can add me for some games if you would like. I run Marduk/Baek. Although this game is fun and I enjoy playing it, here are the things I don't like about it so far:

1. For some reason shit hits me all the time even though I'm blocking, and it's very annoying. I know to block you can either hold back, or just don't press any buttons at all and it will make you block high. Sometimes my ranked matches come down to the very last hit, and I want to block so I just don't even touch my controller at all, don't press a single button. And for some god awful reason my opponent just walks up to me and jabs me and I die.... ok mother fucker I swear I was blocking that shouldn't have even happened lol. Quite annoying and it happens often.

2. Sometimes when I'm on the ground and trying to stand up/get away from my opponent I just can't. It feels like when you fight against certain characters with quick moves once they get you on the ground, your done. It's retarded. Especially because Marduk is so slow, sometimes when people knock me on the ground they can just constantly hit me with attacks before I can even get the chance to do a wakeup attack. Sometimes I simply want to just roll away and I can't because they are constantly on me as soon as they knock me to the ground. And don't even get me started about how stupid it is when somebody pins you up against the wall, combos last forever against the wall lmao.

If somebody could help me with these two major problems I'm having with the game, I think I would like it SO MUCH better. It's decent so far and I actually like it, but if I remove the two problems above I think I would seriously like this game alot.

I'll just tag some players that might be able to give me some tips
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1. You can get hit during the backdash cancel as you are briefly crouching, or the move you used was unsafe. If you want to block as you see your opponent dashing in for pokes as you are backdash cancelling, you need to hold back after the last backdash. Random sidestepping and short sidewalks will help you deal with those ranked scrubs mashing out fast linear attacks.

2. Most of the time the safest option is to stay on the ground and take the grounded hit or tech roll or stand back up. Experienced players will have pre-meditated setups for resetting you after you are knocked down so don't try to get back up immediately or mash wake-up kicks. At the wall be wary of quick tech rolling and getting up immediately against Bryan. I think it's safe to say that you should never quick tech roll vs Yoshimitsu. Quick tech roll is available to you if you are not knocked down with a throw or a bound move or other moves that spike/slam you to the ground.

When I picked up Tekken I read all the stuff about the basic mechanics of the game on Avoiding the Puddle as well as pretty much watching all of Aris' tutorials.

Some stuff I know about Marduk:

db2 - great mid: a linear 15 frame mid that is safe at -9 and gives a flop launch on counterhit and wall splats on regular hit, dashing into this move and checking your opponent with it will improve the tracking.

uf3 - in my opinion one of the best mids in the game. I think it's something like 20 frames start up and -2 on block so you can still sidestep to avoid certain moves after it gets blocked. A short run or a dash into this move makes it a great ranged move. Launches on counterhit for extremely damaging combos. Crushes lows as it is a jumping attack.

d3 - a great low that is not launch punishable on block.

b4 - decent mid at 14 frames, -9 on block so you are forced into a mix-up. Knocks down/wall splats on CH. Tracks well to the right and a little bit to the left. This move is only +2 on regular hit so don't expect people to respect your follow-ups too much.

df4,2 - df4 by itself is a 13 frame mid with no tracking and his fastest standing mid. The second hit can be delayed, but it is launch punishable if blocked. Marduk's go-to punisher for hop kicks and other -13 to -15 moves. At -16 you get a df1 launch. This string can be used in Marduk's combos, but df3,1+2 deals more damage with the same amount of hits before the bound. Your -10 to -12 punisher most of the time is 1,2 into 3+4 ready stance for a mix-up.

df1 - 16 frame mid launcher that tracks all the way to Marduk's left, something like -13 on block so it's not too bad.

fF1+2 - one of the best throws in the game. Abuse it when you can. Possible followups with Marduk (if you don't tag combo) are f3,2 for the bound and f1+2,2 to end the juggle for 63 points of dmg. You should be able to get at least 83 points with a tag assault combo from this throw.

df2,1 - df2 is a decent mid poke. Safe. The second hit is something like -13. The second hit is natural on counter hit. At the wall you can use this to see if your opponent is going to respect the follow-up 1 to the df2. If your opponent doesn't respect the follow-up you can hit em' with it for a wall splat and a combo. If they respect it too much just go for a mix-up.

f2 strings - f2 launches on counterhit and the second high can be delayed and it also launches on CH. Right to left ranged tracking with f2,1 that is good for stopping poke-sidestep flowcharting from your opponent.

fF2 - safe high elbow that is 11 frames when executed as fast as possible and tracks all the way to Marduk's right and slightly to the left. Can be used as a block punisher. Good for stopping the usual jab/df1/low-poke into sidestep flowchart offence.

b2 - slow homing mid that gives a db3,1,1 mini combo on counterhit. You can't get a bound from the knockdown.

b3 - this move was jab punishable if I remember correctly, depends on the depth of the block though. Dashing into this one at the wall may give you a wall splat.

fF4- this was a mid homing move if I remember correctly that was also something like -10 or -11 on block

Awesome breakdown to help Forever King
Really good explanation right there.

Getting up in tekken is pretty difficult overall. I usually just stay grounded for a bit. Never backroll, since most characters have pickup combos for them, and be use caution when standing. It's the fastest way to get up, but there's some frames while the character is vulnerable while he's standing.

Your safest bet is to stay grounded, and when your opponent throws out a move, either get up, tech roll if hit, or tag out. Usually your opponents duration frames should allow a safer getup or tag in than just getting straight up (which is what your opponent is waiting for)

The blocking is definitely tough. Your probably getting hit if your move is either unsafe on block, or your move whiffs and the duration of the move is too long.

Overall, pretty much what smoke_of_finland said. :D[/media][/quote][/media][/quote]


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Hey guys I just got Tekken 6 for the PSP (since its free for PSN+ users).

Would it be alright if I train on this? Work on combos, playing ghost battle, etc? I use Miguel and Law. So far a lot of things are exactly the same.
Damn, I missed it. I'm going to guess a Korea player won? I will say, Anakin is a beast, hopefully the US and Europe get give them a run for their money at EVO2k13


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Heihachi is my personal favourite and in my opinion the best character in the game. An all-around solid character who is great on point. There was obviously plenty of stuff that was not mentioned in the guide so:

learning how to hit confirm the df1 into the 2 makes his df1 the best 13 frame mid poke in the game (41 dmg), it tracks all the way to his left and the second high hit (df1,1) is a homing move. I shit you not you can't sidestep or walk the second 1 in either direction. The df1,2 is -13 on block and Bruce is the only character that can launch it. (Kaz ws1,2 doesn't have enough range).

Hei's ws1 is -13 on block and good players will consistently punish this. The Kings' b1,2 will reach no matter how shallow the ws1 is blocked so you shouldn't really abuse it as much as the Main man suggests.

bf2,1 and bf2,2. 15 frame start-up. The second mid option is -13 and it can be delayed and it launches on counter hit. I have never had anyone duck under the bf2,1 high, the second hit comes out very quickly. I use bf2,1 in certain counterpoke setups like after a blocked demon breath cancel (-4 on block with pushback) you can back dash into the move and it will hit people mashing df1 or jabs, you can also sidestep-EWGF after the 1+2 cancel or use raijin stance parry for people mashing out punches as counter pokes.

The demon breath 1+2 cancellable strings can be parried and reversed. Yoshi can launch with you with 1+4 even if you sidestep feint the 1+2 cancel. The sidestep feint is jab punishable and good players will not fall far this gimmick.

You will parry the usual jab or df1 counterpokes with raijin stance parry after these moves are blocked and you immediately buffer the Raijin stance: f3, b2, 1-b2, df1-1, raijin stance 1, demon breath cancels, the moves mentioned are -2 on block except for the demon breath cancel and they also enable you to sidestep-EWGF. The parry window is somewhere between 10-15 frames after a -2 on block move from you.

second hit of b1,2 (16 frame start-up, high, homing) can be delayed and the second hit launches on CH. It is a high though. You can't demon breath cancel this string if you delay the 2.

df4 - a 12 frame safe mid poke, -6 on block with slight pushback. Doesn't track, but is good for stopping your opponents anti-jab high crush setups. 1+2 is also a 12 frame and can be used, but it's -12 on block. It tracks to one direction, but I can't remember which direction.

df2 - a 15 frame mid that tracks all the way to Hei's right and launches on CH for moderate damage.

d1+2 is a 16 frame launcher that is -13 on block. bf2 followups after the hit confirm will whiff on female characters. A consistent combo after a d1+2 launch: df3, d1, a single hellsweep into ws4, qcf2. Does 69 points. Combo on big characters: bf2, df3, d1 and the ender after the bound is either two hellsweeps into dragon punch (cd4,4,1) or a single hellsweep into ws4,4 (this ender ground spikes and gives oki) this does 70 dmg.

df1+2. This move is -16 on block. It's near useless but it has an interesting property of parrying throws and can be used to counter King/AK players charging in for the 2+4 throw on an obvious read.

The 2nd hellsweep launcher combo (77 points) that The Main man shows is angle specific and inconsistent. A consistent combo: 2 hellsweeps, ws4, bf2-2, cd4-4-1 does 75 and works on all characters everytime, granted that you dash into the crouchdash motion deep enough before performing the post bound hellsweep enders. I prefer 1 hellsweep into ws4,4 for the oki.

3,4 - 14 frame punisher. 47 dmg.

bf2,1 - can be used as a 15 frame punisher. 50 dmg. Wall splats.

qcf2 - 15 frame long range punisher for punishing moves like Lee's blazing kick, Paul/Wang/Hei qcf2, Xiaou back turn 4, Hei fF2, Law ws2 etc. 40 dmg. Wall splats.

2,2 - 10 frame punisher that leaves you at +1 and does 37 dmg.

A low parry combo not mentioned in the video: Sidestep left into 3 hellsweeps - ws4 - qcf2 does 35 dmg. 3 hellsweeps after a sidestep left into dragon punch can be used as a 4 hit TA! filler, but the move that binds and initiates the TA! must be the 4th hit in the combo (for example Kazuya does EWGF-EWGF-df1,2 and finishes the combo with crouchdash 3 for 94 dmg).

df2+3 throw leaves you at plus 4 and makes a df1 followup a frame trap (can be sidestepped left or parried/reversed though).


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So I was told that Mishimas need to get nerfed... "You are playing the 2 best characters in the game" This game makes people so salty, even if they are not really that scrubby lol.

I find that I play a lot better if I just try to enjoy the game and not get pissed off or worry about any annoying tactics and what not.


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Got back to playing this game, forgot how fun it was. :D
I won't be playing much Injustice to be honest. I don't like the uncancellable dashes and slow walkspeeds. I like playing Deathstroke, but the way basic movement is so crippled in the game it just makes it too easy to outzone people. I tried to play Flash a bit and getting in on zoners and containing them in the corner was never this hard in MK9 and I played Jax/Baraka and a little bit of JC. What pisses me off is the lack of options in the footsie and poking game, I just don't like 2D FG's I suppose now that I have tried 3D games. Escaping pressure is just too easy even without resorting to armor. I may try Catwoman out if I ever get into Injustice more, but as it is I am just not passionate enough about the game to find tech or even learn how to play it myself. I'll see how the game develops, but right now I see zoners being the most powerful character designs, a bit too much so. The characters without projectiles need some aerial mobility options.

I got Soul Calibur 5 as well when I bought Injustice and I must say that game is hella good and fun, even on a casual level.


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I haven't been to TZ in ages. I thought that site didn't condone trolling. Most new stupid or somewhat useful threads that are made are closed by a mod and referenced to a stickied clusterfuck of a thread that spans 300 pages. A faster way to find out what you are looking for is to pretty much jump in training mode and test stuff yourself.


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Def will when I get back to the states, deployed in southwest asia right now. The wifi connection here is too butt to play anybody online. PSN is Akushitsu btw. I pretty much just use Kor's Tekken Academy on FB, as well as some lab time.

Smoke_Of_Finland Ya man, it's sad to see what TZ has become, it was so much better 5 years ago when I started playing competitively.


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I really want to learn how to play tekken, but I dont know why but when I lose in this game it makes me a hell of a lot angrier then any other fighting game, does anybody else experience this lol
I really want to learn how to play tekken, but I dont know why but when I lose in this game it makes me a hell of a lot angrier then any other fighting game, does anybody else experience this lol
lol, I'm in the same boat. Your more likely to lose to gimmicks in tekken compared to most games. I usually rewatch the replay, and figure out how I can get around it in practice mode.


You don't got the cash, You don't get the ass
So am I the only one who noticed that Namco does not want us to see jin and kazuya punch each other lol... is it too violent or is it that it is too awesome for us to handle?


Edenia lives!
I really want to learn how to play tekken, but I dont know why but when I lose in this game it makes me a hell of a lot angrier then any other fighting game, does anybody else experience this lol
This. Especially in rank match, people just do the randomest stuff.