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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 General Discussion

Is there a better Tekken site than Tekken Zaibatsu? Its really terrible on mobile : (
I doubt it. The only other website would be WTF (World Tekken Federation), but you need a code for that or something. AvoidingthePuddle is also another one.

Overall, I think Tekken's dry forums are the reasons there's not much communication or turn out as compared to MK (3 years strong), this coming from a huge Tekken fan. I would have a better chance getting info from tourney players on a Tekken stream chat than on a forum (which I have on numerous occasions).

I would use forums for frame data, and for technical stuff I would suggest tutorial videos from youtube. Any other information could probably be given by a tourney goer on a tekken stream chat.

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I seriously need you guys to add me and train me.
I need someone who's going to actually sidestep and use setups... not mash 12121212121212121212 or 3434343334443334443334


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I seriously need you guys to add me and train me.
I need someone who's going to actually sidestep and use setups... not mash 12121212121212121212 or 3434343334443334443334
^^^That's what turned me off about the game early. Too much mashing. I am sure that now since some time has past only the veterans and hard core players are playing. It is probably a much more enjoyable experience.


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I thought i'd stop by and post some Yoshimitsu Oki setups i've made in my channel here www.youtube.com/user/Crathen1337/videos?view=1&flow=grid.

I've started a podcast about TTT2 but i guess you guys don't know italian lol.

Btw im kind of let down that no one talks about the UT XIV results:

1 JDCR ( Korea )
2 Bode ( Italy )
3 El Negr0 ( Venezuela )
4 NYC Fab ( USA )
5/6 Rip ( USA ) Jackson 5 ( Venezuela )
7/8 Phantom ( Italy ) , Malekith ( Netherlands )

Sooooo.... Italy > USA? Fraaaaay!


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Getting ready to play some TTT2 on PSN. Who wants in?

Sorry I missed this. I still haven't touched TTT2 since NEC. If you're playing though, I'll try and hop on. You have my number, you can always shoot me a text.

With my limited playtime, I've mostly been playing SFxT which is surprisingly fun now.
I just watched a stream last night that had Knee, Only Pracitce, and other top level Korean players. Knee is friggin godlike. I'll definitely post it later.


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I went through Nina's movelist and I fail to see what makes her top tier. Great wall carry and extremely damaging combos with iws1 is a factor and df1,2 is stupid because the 2 is a high that jails standing, but Nina and Anna to me seem like they have too many highs and lows and they seem to lack solid safe mids that can be used from range 1 or further. d3,2 is a great NCC for ch launching jab happy people, but yeah, does someone play Nina here? I am kinda curious to know what are some good moves with her and how she is supposed to be played (rushdown obviously, but give me details). Nobody on my friends list plays the Williams sisters.


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I found that Kazuya guide incredibly informative, has improved my Kazuya a lot and really helped me understand his strengths and weaknesses better.


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Looking forward to watching the streams from Final Round. Kane should stick with Hei/Kaz and drop Lili/Angel completely. I am definitely hype for Knee attending. JDCR's playstyle, while effective, is boring to watch.

I will be hoping for all the best for my fellow Mishima/Bryan/Bruce players and Blackula