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Tekken matchmaking (IDs, Locations, ETC.)


Normalize grab immunity.
A place top easily see who's playing what, where.
Discord: https://discord.gg/fEGwQbD


Then add whatever else you want like characters or a usual playing time. Maybe you're a expert willing to teach or a total noob who needs help sidestepping.

NA East Coast

I've always loved the Tekken series but I never seriously tried at it. Never even bothered to learn how to BDC (backdash cancel). Basically you don't need to know everything to enjoy this game. There is a high skill ceiling but don't even worry about that and learn the game at your pace.
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Sutter Pain

Your mothers main.
Us Michigan
Sutter pain

I play mishimas only since no one else I played made the roster.

I work 3rd shift so play nights until early afternoon.

Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist
AO Luanda

I play Mishimas and will play claudio, however for now i will only be able to play on weekends, i still need to pay for PSN subscription and there is no how currently.

Azarashi Elder

USA East Coast (New York State)
Azarashi Elder

Total n00b. Learning Leo and basic movement and that's all. Willing to Get Rekt for Learning and Laughs.

Total noob too. Will pick akuma/asuka and try to learn the game mechanics with them.

Btw @buyacushun the discord link is invalid. Is there a new link maybe?
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In Zoning We Trust
USA East Coast - Florida

Always down for games or to help anyone level up. Playing mainly Josie, Bryan, and Asuka, but have a grasp on about 60% of the roster at a fundamental level.

John Grizzly

The axe that clears the forest
USA - Albany, NY

Will most likely be playing several characters. Tekken has always been my primary fighter. Most interested in playing Claudio, but mained Miguel since Tekken 6. Picking up my copy after work today.

villainous monk

Terrible times breed terrible things, my lord.
GT: Linkxs n Whisky

Console: Xbox One

Region: Eastern US

Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Mic: Yes a very damn good one too.

Controller: Xbox elite, Mad Catz TE 2 with crown 303 joystick, hitbox arcade Korean back dash & salty tear drinking fight stick.

Availability: Some week nights but mostly weekends since I'm home from the road.

Sets: Endless. 1/5 -1/1000

Mains: BRYAN FURY!!!!! Since Tekken 3 arcade and console.

Planning to main:
Jack 7

I've played Tekken mostly in the arcades then consoles. Been playing Tekken for as long as I can remember since it was the most popular game and was a true grassroots tournament game in arcades in Toronto right along side street fighter, the soul series & VF all the 3D games of the late 90's early 00's are near n dear. Those were my tournaments

I've fallen off a bit and the nostalgia has come on gone from time to time but here I am in 2017 willing to get my ass handed to me and play with whom ever wants to.

I've got intermediate knowledge and pretty damn good fundamentals but I'm eager and willing to learn new things and have a great time doing so.

So Pick up the controller and let's play some very long awaited Tekken.

Also I'll be adding my ps4 info in the near future since I plan on playing both consoles.


Believe in the hop kick
Finland, Northern Europe

Thousands of hours clocked into the game since TTT2. Dopest Heihachi you will ever come across :DOGE I also consider Bryan and Kazuya to be my mains. I dabble with Devil Jin and I have picked up Jack-7 for Tekken 7. Can also sandbag with bootlegged Law, Paul, Dragunov, Jin, Lars, Lee, Yoshi or Bob if required. I have a headset and I can break down the nuances and ins and outs of the game with native level English using correct terminology, (no incoherent babble or stoner talk! Leveling up is guaranteed if you are new.)


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Thessaloniki, Greece
PS4 and Steam (PC Master Race)
PSN: Nihonjintomoko, Steam: Tanno