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Tekken Crash Returns


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I'm so shocked that no one posted info about this.

Tekken Crash is a televised Korean 3v3 tournament for Tekken. It was popular for Tekken 6 and is returning for Tekken 7. The first "trial" episode premiers in seven hours and will be streamed for everyone else on Youtube!

Team list:
Team 1: Knee (Bryan), Narakhof (Paul), NaengMyun Sungin (Katarina)

Team 2: Ji3Moon Ace (Kazuya), Malgu (Law), Help Me (Dragunov)

Team 3: Triple H (King), Hao (Feng), Chanel (Lili)

Team 4: Hankuma (Leo), JDCR (Heihachi), Saint (Shaheen)

**Alisa is not available in this build, because of Korean censorship laws. Chanel will play Lili.
**Only Practice was replaced with Triple H
**Lucky Chloe is not available in this build
Tekken Crash begins 4PM Korean/Japan time (2AM EST and 6AM GMT)

Info from taktak1893 and Flying_Wonkey via Twitter.

Law Hero

I'm very excited about it. Just wish it wasn't so late in our time. I know it can't be helped, but dammit, I have class in the morning.

Still super hyped, hope we see some good Leo action! Nice thread.
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Toys can't save you!
It'll be interesting to see how much has changed since the loc test build.

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I don't actually play these games
Tempted to stay up a little later to watch this. It'll be a struggle.

Edit Yeah can't watch it live, school is a blow up.

DACs are on today in a more reasonable time so I'll have something to watch.
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Toys can't save you!
It's fine, the stream should be archived automatically when you play the video in the first post.

About an hour and a half before the stream starts.


Toys can't save you!
Strange, maybe wait a few hours.
The build used was an old location test build, so no Shaheen. Saint used Kazuya instead.

Other than that, it was still an interesting test run for the game.

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Happy to see some Tekken love on here. I don't understand the hate for it that some have. Can't we appreciate different fighters for what they are?

Tekken is fucking awesome. MK and Tekken have been and always will be my two favorite fighting game series. I'm hoping we see Tekken 7 on console some time this year (although I doubt it).
I pretty much watched all the matches (I hardly know anything about Tekken). Have a question, what makes the characters unique? Other than the tiger guy seeming to have otg grabs, everyone else looks sorta the sameish

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Who cares? Just enjoy the matches.
i do. Bayman in DOA, Goh in VF, Astaroth in SC, then i got to tekken and learned grappling is almost worthless. if you dont want to juggle someone for 10 minutes in this game you're screwed because their is no diversity

i was hopping Tekken 7 could fix that it doesn't look like anything has changed
There are some things that looked odd for me. The characters faces looked too smooth to the extent they looked plastic. Tailspin (cannot remember the term name) off of a low parry seemed a bit too much and there did not seem to be any counter hit damage taken when doing power or super moves.