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Tekken 7 General Discussion Thread - OP Updated With All Tekken Info


Fuck TMM, dude is a leech that sucks at Tekken.
I honestly don't care for him because of how he shits on so many characters just because he doesn't like them. I agree with 99% of the shit he says even tho he is kinda an asshole...but as soon as he starts talking about characters he hates fighting he just turns into a salt lord and says dumb ass shit.


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Iirc Harada said on his bar podcast that Tekken 7's time is over, but that the next project is still in the planning stages. Just what I remember hearing tho
Yet he also stated that Tekken 8 would not make any sense to release as Tekken 7 is still selling well. MainManSwe made a video about this topic not too long ago.

A small season 5 pack with two returning characters and one rehashed stage would arguably be cost-productive to Namco and appealing to fans. Given Tekken 7's strong sales, I think that there is a good possibility that season 5 will happen.


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Haven’t touched the game in a minute but how is my girl Kunimitsu doing? I really only played M. Raven and got really good with her before having to step away from gaming for a bit.


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Yeah for kuma, panda and jack7 you will have to change your combo routes. Small hit boxes on their stumpy little legs
WOOOOOW that’s crazy. It’s not too concerning, more funny than anything. But yeah that makes sense. Played a Jack earlier and had to change my BnB mid set thinking I was consistently dropping my normal BnB. Was losing my mind.


The Prettiest
Am I trippin or Julia’s combos feeling kinda hard rn?.. Lol Took her into practice mode and uh... Yeah. Didn’t go so well. Was very confused.