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Tekken 1/2/3/Tag Tournament/4/5/Dark Resurrection/6


lol. Nina was my main since t5. Bob is definitely more disgusting with his combos though. I swear t6 is so much different from t5 with the bounce system to extend combos. Half the lows to poke when they're otg don't work anymore either, and Bob is absolutely ridiculous. I really hope they nerf him when the console version comes out.
I rented tekken 6 today, good game I think.

Last time i played a tekken was bout 10 years ago, I played ALOT of Tekken 1,2, and 3 when i was younger. I played a few games online (T6) and its kinda of a spam fest, but like I said its been a while since i played so i forgot how to do fight tekken style. But i always go with King i liked his slams to submissions to slams links if u no wut i mean.

If n e 1 has this game on here for 360 i wanna fight you tekken style. hit me up :)