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tech vs super girl breath pressure


This works only if you stand up after low since breath will push you away further and will provide a good enough gap to use b3 allowing you to low profile, sometimes you can misstime it slightly so it's better to use armored version, even tho most of the times you'll low profile Ex part of breath. If they follow up with anything they get blown, if she blocks you're at +5, she can potentially punish you by walking back and wiff-punishing with b12 but going back after you get +frames will probably be a rare occasion.

Same tech works bith d1-breath~EX, but it depends on the range d1 touched you, if it's far away you'll need to delay your b3 slightly to move low-profiling frames just to the right window, would suggest to armor that one as well.

After all that there's swag combo that if someone does in a tournament i'm a big fan of, was trying to do it for a while lol.

And in the end there's some weird occasion i never seen before - sometimes in the delay animation when you do nothing enchantress actually does damage to other player, seems to be super rare tho.
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Good tech , wonder if this works for red hoods b3 as well? I would imagine it would since his lowers his hitbox more I'd say but I've never tried it yet.