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Team GGA Honored at Twin Galaxies Event by Walter Day


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(this post is credited to @GGA HAN, the original author)

On Friday October 17th, Galloping Ghost Arcade hosted the “Walter Day and the Super Stars of the Walter Day Collection” event. The event was a huge success, having a turnout of close to a hundred people who came together to celebrate the new Trading Cards being unveiled for the first time, and also have meet and greet/autograph sessions with Twin Galaxies card holders. For more than 30 years, Twin Galaxies has been recognized as the worlds most complete and prestigious video game score board and adjudication system. Walter Day founded Twin Galaxies in 1981, and is known as the “father of competitive gaming”.

Among the other honorees including Mortal Kombat actors and classic arcade World Record holders, Team GGA was honored “for their contributions to the global video game culture” and being great advocates of the NRS scene, the Arcade, and the fighting game community. Doc Mack, owner of Galloping Ghost Arcade, formed the team shortly after the release of Mortal Kombat (2011) aka MK9 to represent his arcade on a national level of competition.

The players of Team GGA have done more than just represent the Arcade, they have shown what true passion and hard work does when given the opportunity. Some of the accomplishments of the Team include multiple Top 8 finishes in Evo and MLG events, as well as regional and even major tournament wins.

The players in attendance that were honored were: Aaron Davis (GGA Dizzy), Ken Morris (GGA Saucy Jack), Jeremiah Smith (GGA Jeremiah), Dan Gonzalez (GGA Max), Phillip Diaz (GGA Fill Pops), Steve Brownback (GGA 16 Bit), Will Searle (GGA soonk), Kyle Panlilio (GGA Pimpimjim) and team captain Pete Hahn (GGA HAN).

Those of the Team not able to attend, Mohammad Mansour (GGA MOE30W) and Tom Nieter (GGA Wafflez), are also featured on Team GGAs very own trading card for their great accomplishments and contributions to the Arcade. Walter Day, known from the documentaries “The King of Kong:A Fistful of Quarters” and “Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade” presented the Team their award and was quoted saying “This is so cool that Galloping Ghost does this!”, speaking about the arcade sponsoring players at events all over the country.

Left to right: Aaron Davis, Doc Mack, Phillip Diaz, Walter Day, Terry Burtlow (event coordinator), Steve Brownback, Kyle Panlilio, Ken Morris, Dan Gonzalez


If all goes well I will be planning a visit to gga to check out this arcade next year.

Congrats to all gga members and special shout outs to Han for the youtube uploads.


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Congrats to GGA for the public recognition, but I did some research on the subject of Twin Galaxies and Walter Day after seeing The King of Kong and Chasing Ghosts, and that man has some weird and shady shit in his past. That dude is off, to say the least. What was he like in person?