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TakeAChance wins Injustice at Island Showdown 3.


TYM White Knight
Island Showdown 3 took place on Prince Edward Island Canada, and featured the reigning Maritime Champion Justin Credible (Injustin) who won Hightide Showdown last month.​

Pools were played on Saturday and Top 4 was played on Sunday.​

Here is a synopsis of the top 4 which took place earlier today.​

The day started off with Loser's Semi's featuring Old Man Rhyllis vs Gzus.​

Rhyllis (New Brunswick) is an extremely well known Maritime Capcom player who came into this tournament refusing to play a top tier. He cemented his mid tier status by utilizing Hawk Girl and showing everyone she was no joke.​

Gzus (Nova Scotia) Was one of three Green Lantern reps at this tournament. Dubbed the leader of the Corps for being the only Lantern to make top 4 (Deepshock aka John Stewart, placed 5th) Gzus was determined to win IS3 for the corps.​

The action started off with a surprising revelation. After wading through two other green lanterns to make top 4, Rhyllis came out with a surprise pick in Raven. Both combatants were trying to play the match from full screen, which Green Lantern had the advantage, until Rhyllis started utilizing Demon Mode to take over the zoning. Rhyllis won the first match, but Hal Jordan answered back in strong fashion by beating Rhyllis to tie the matches at 1 a piece. Unfortunately for Gzus, Demon Mode was utilized very smartly by Rhyllis in the final set and he cruised to victory over the corps.​

With Rhyllis in losers finals, he needed to wait for his opponent.​

TakeAChance (P.E.I.) vs Injustin Credible (New Brunswick)​

Before the tournament even began there was rumblings about this match. Justin had won Hightide a month prior which TakeAChance could not attend, and this matchup was long awaited. There is a Mortal Kombat history between these combatants as well, as TakeAChance defeated Justin twice at Springhill Showdown earlier on in the spring.​

This time, both combatants met with a clean slate in winners finals. Justin's Killer Frost who was utilizing pure damage with sparsely laid out resets was sliding her way to victory, while TakeAChance's Nightwing was frame trapping and taking advantage of Dick's reach to keep his opponents at bay.​

The first match was a back and forth affair with both participants trading blows and dropping combos. Some nerves were showing. TakeAChance employed some strong defensive tactics to frustrate Killer Frost into doing something foolish. Killer Frost responded by using her air dash to break Nightwings defenses (no thanks to the crossup glitch) and land a few very damaging combos. In the end, in a highly back and forth match, TakeAChance squeaked out the victory.​

Score: 1-0 TakeAChance​

The next match was even closer. Execution became tighter between both opponents as they were feeling more comfortable. As in the first match, Frost tried to slide her way in, but TakeAChance was having none of it. He was jumping back and knocking her out with j3 into wingdings and at one point did a NJ into a standing full combo punish. Justin however, refused to stay down as he caught Chance in the corner with some nasty damage of his own. The ending came about when Justin caught Chance with a crossup, but Chance clashed with no meter! Justin had 1 quarter health left, Chance had a pixel. Chance broke his composure and went for a yolo b2~fury and lost the match.​

Score: 1-1.​

The last two matches TakeAChance made some notable adjustments. He stopped dashing. He let frost come to him, and when she got in, he started to pick her apart with pressure. Utilizing d1, and hit confirming ex staff spins when he caught frost standing he picked and chipped away at her. Frustrated, Justin started opening up and pressing buttons, to which Chance took advantage of. While both spirited affairs, TakeAChance won the final two matches.​

Losers Finals​

Old Man Rhyllis (New Brunswick) vs Injustin Credible (New Brunswick)​

Rhyllis went back to Hawkgirl (his main) as he had a more favorable matchup against Justin's frost.​

The first match was INTENSE. Lots of back and forth action with hawkgirl utilizing her flight to stay above frost. Rhyllis was utilizing some "SF" tech and making his dive kicks extremely ambiguous. These two play each other all the time and as such, knew a lot of each others patterns and move sets. Mixups were tried, but blocked by both combatants and time literally became a deciding factor. In the dying seconds, Rhyllis had about 30% health left while Justin had about 5%...the clock ticked down to two seconds, and that's when Rhyllis's flight trait ran out. As he plunged to the ground, Justin with 2 seconds left, hit Killer Frosts super and won the match in an EXTREMELY hype and ultimately clutch moment.​

Score: 1-0 Justin​

In the second match, Rhyllis refused to change the stage from the hall of justice, and it cost him. Frost utilized the roombas at key moments to catch Rhyllis off guard, and after another close set, took the second match.​

Score: 2-0 Justin​

The third match saw Rhyllis change to Metropolis Rooftop. Here, the tide turned as Hawkgirl utilized her flight and her power character status to eliminate Killer Frost's Slide and command the action with the flying drones. Rhyllis took a commanding victory.​

Score: 2-1 Justin​

The fourth match saw Justin go back to the Hall Of Justice where he once again tried to use the roombas...this time however, it was Hawkgirl that made sure she took them out of play. She hurled them at Justin and forced him to recieve large amounts of damage. Justin made a late push, but Rhyllis secured the victory with a couple timely Ex Aerial Mace throws.​

Score: 2-2​

The last match saw Justin switch characters. Frustrated at his inability to track Hawkgirl down, he switched to Batgirl. Utilizing batgirls teleport to keep Hawkgirl grounded, he exposed the now vulnerable Hawkgirl and engaged her in ground combat. Rhyllis tried to play a ground game against batgirl, but was to overwhelmed by her speed and aerial control. He fought valiantly, but lost a very difficult matchup to Batgirl.​

Score: 3-2 Justin.​

Grand Finals: TakeAChance vs Injustin Credible​

TakeAChance started the match off strong utilizing much of the same tactics as he did in winners finals. He played defensively and waited for Killer Frost to come to him and tried to eliminate the chances of getting hit with random slides. After punishing Justin a couple times in the matchup for sliding, Chance forced the game fullscreen where he used a combination of Ex Staff pounds and flying graysons to frustrate Justin.​

Score: 1-0 TakeAChance​

Frustrated, Justin did a surprising switch to Catwoman. Free of the threat of the slide, TakeAChance employed more of an offensive approach in this matchup using staff pounds to force the Catwoman to jump, then meeting her in the air with his J2. Converting for over 30% each time she tried to mount her offense. Looking much more comfortable in open space, TakeAChance, took the second match handily.​

Score: 2-0 TakeAChance​

Justin took a very smart breather here as he was one loss away from elimination. Shouts from the crowd demanded he pick Batgirl as it looked very impressive against Rhyllis's Hawkgirl. In the end, he went with what he knew and went back to Killer Frost. He started off strong landing a combo on Chance early for some big damage, however Chance once again took a defensive approach and played very safe...chipping away at frost with his Staff Spin and confirming into ex spins when she was caught standing forcing her to respect his offense. The end came when Chance drove the fight full screen once more and utilized his ex pounds to force Justin to respect his follow up regular pounds. Baiting the jump forward Chance finished it with a flying grayson and won Island Showdown 3.​

Score: 3-0 TakeAChance​

It was a wonderful tournament and great for our scene. Injustice had the second highest turnout behind AE (beating marvel by 1).​

1st: TakeAChance (Nightwing)​
2nd: Injustin Credible (Killer Frost, Batgirl)​
3rd: Old Man Rhyllis (Hawkgirl, Raven)​
4th Gzus Christ (Green Lantern aka Yolo Lantern)​

Winners of Other Games:​

Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition: Old Man Rhyllis​
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Injustin Credible​
Injustice: TakeAChance​
Street Fighter X Tekken: Old Man Rhyllis​
Street Fighter 3rd Strike: Luke Parry​

Special shout outs to Bell Aliant who contributed 100 dollar pot bonuses for all games. Archive will be on twitch. It can be viewed here:​


TYM White Knight
Archive is going to be up on youtube. Donald segments them and uploads them there instead of making a full archive on twitch. Not sure why lol