T-Shirt (limited run) with art from yours truly, available now

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  1. Decay

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    Hey guys, I wanted to let you know that a new street wear brand taking off recently commissioned me to design a shirt for them. The company is called SUKEBAN.NYC and the translation roughly translates to "girl boss". The idea is that for every design, they hire specific artists who they like, and the only requirement is that the girl on the shirt is a bad ass. Obviously for me, I wanted to draw a cyborg chick with an arm larger than her whole body! My design is limited to 150 prints with the exception of a few I'll have to give away on stream. The cool thing about the shirts is that, aside from the quality being super high, each shirt is numbered on the back based on your order number.

    If you ever wanted to own art that I designed, or at least own a really cool looking shirt, consider purchasing one. It helps me out too because if it sells well, they'll wanna continue doing more awesome designs with me!

    The website is ...


    The artwork looks like this...

    and the back will look like this, depending on the number you order ...


    Thanks for checking it out guys! I had a blast coming up with a drawing and they are already really stoked on it. Got a bunch of pre-orders set as well.

    Message me if you have any questions
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  3. Jhonnykiller45

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    Personally it's not something I'd wear but it looks great! The back looks especially cool.
  4. buyacushun

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    Any idea what those four characters say? I thought it was the company but it seems different than the 4 on the other shirt.

    And are you getting an artist profile on their website?
  5. Johnny Based Cage

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    P.S. You're moving 'em, my dude (and rightfully so): Order Number: #00066
  6. Decay

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    Oh wow, that's awesome man. Thanks for your support. That might even be #66 after the pre order numbers were done so more could have been sold already
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