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T-800 Final Judgment Tech Thread


Bomb Setups & Ball Rolls(Mileena/Cyrax)
In the past few days I've found several cool things you can do with Terminators 3rd variation.
I'll try to add videos to illiterate it better and my best explanation. The other tech thread is getting cluttered so I decided to make a thread for V3 findings.

Auto Flawless Block

Terminator can Auto FB off several strings with little effort including:
121, 12, and 21 because they are -5 the perfect frame adv to do so.

Here is an example:

Ion Grenade Setups:
Here is a video with multiple Ion & Incapacitator setups:

Ion setup into 50/50 that's jailed:

This setup using B31xxIonGrenade beats nearly every wakeup option and on block its +34 to +40 so it guarantees your opponent has to block 50/50's:

After the Restand:

Other things you can do with Ion Setups:

You can also make nearly every button safe on block with midrange EX Ion Grenade:
The following buttons work and can be made safe:

If you don't want your opponents to wakeup simply use the B31/B1 setups that stuff several WU options or use Incapacitator setups to remove them altogether

Incapacitator Setups:

You can add BF1 on nearly every combo for decent damage which removes opponents ability to use meter in any way for almost 7 seconds. Very strong. It can also be used as a setup tool for pressure like shown in the looping grenade setup I have in this short guide or a counter zoning tool.

Here is an example of an Incapacitator setup:

You can make it jail from F2 even though its an unblockable high:

Grenade Refresh Rate info & looping setup:

He has two grenades to use in combo and both type of grenades count towers these two.
The types of grenades are Incapacitator and Ion Grenades. You can mix and match them, 1 of each, 2 of Ion or just 1 Incapacitator because it has a cooldown after its used.
  • Ion respawns 6 seconds after throwing one.
  • Incapacitator respawns 5 seconds after throwing one and its effect last nearly 7 seconds.
Because of these refresh times you can actually use 3 grenades in a single combo if timed perfectly:

This doesn't work on all characters because of thier unique hitbox/hurtbox properties. Works on most males.

If anyone finds any more setups or tech for V3 please share I'll add more as I find them. If you tag me with one I can possibly add them to the OP.

@fr stack
@STB Sgt Reed
Or anyone else with something to add please share with the T-800 community.

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Bomb Setups & Ball Rolls(Mileena/Cyrax)
Cool stuff but I really want to see all this in a real online match to see how practical it is.
Im positive its all practical. Most of the Ion Grenade setups cover 3 WU options while different ones cover several different options. There are Ion setups for every wakeup option but none of them cover all options. Which is good otherwise it would be broke. There is counterplay.
What I feel makes them strong is that the very last hit just before setting the grenade is quick and they have to react quickly to counter it or choose the correct response. This makes it both fair but strong.
Then if you condition your opponent not to WU a specific way you can basically force them into a setup and some of them are +40 on block so they are forced to guess true 50/50s. Every combo can be ended into +10 so you can force another mix between 121/123/212/Throw.
I feel this makes up for not having fast mids because when you get a hit you have the potential to melt their lifebar.


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His pokes combo into the unblockable, and d4 into grenade on hit lets you be in. Perfect range for a d3 anti air or 50/50 if the respect the grenade.


Bomb Setups & Ball Rolls(Mileena/Cyrax)
His pokes combo into the unblockable, and d4 into grenade on hit lets you be in. Perfect range for a d3 anti air or 50/50 if the respect the grenade.
That's hella good. I've been using D4 and F4 the most in the neutral at footsie range. I normally do D4 into F4 or micro dash cancel B1xxIongrenade and its perfect range that the regular amped version is -4 on block and launches on hit. If the Ion Grenade isn't Amped and they respect it because it's hard to react to Amped Jon/meterless Ion it is +37 on block which jails into F2/F3 if you dash cancel or you can use CMD Grab.

Once I get them respecting B1/F4/D4/121/B2 and his wavedash I can start using F2/F3/212/123 for mix and starters into setups and restands.

The biggest problem I have in Final Judgment is zoning since his grenade and DB3 has so much recovery but his Incapacitator helps a lot removing their amp projectiles but has a 7s cooldown.
On rough matchups like Sonya/Shang/Scarlet/Cetrion with top tier zoning I use Dark Fate or Cassie depending on the MU and Player


Bomb Setups & Ball Rolls(Mileena/Cyrax)
Ok just found a Grenade Setup Guide made by @Noble Raptor
(Not sure if that's his tag)

Is love to see what all you have come up with on his V3?
Also I noticed on the video you said using two grenades in combos prevents Terminator from using a 3rd which is the general rule with him do to Ion taking 6s to refresh and Incapacitator lasting 7s and taking 5s to refresh on his belt but I have found ways to loop them to use 3 grenades.
I know its a combo into a setup into a 50/50 and at end you get an Ion back for setup while they are still under Incapacitator effects preventing WU so they have to hold +40 on block and guess:

I posted it above.

If anyone else has Final Judgment tech plz share. I'm hoping Terminator mains will unite and share with the community.
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Idk.. As a punish I prefer 121 ex shotgun. Its guaranteed, unbreakable 22% and the most important you are still hella + for 50/50 or any other stuff. And if they guess wrong, your low launcher can get you extra 35%(?). That's huge.


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As requested by @CrimsonShadow

Oh mah man, I meant here: :)