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Discussion in 'Freddy Krueger' started by TheW1tchDoctor, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. I was in the lab today and was messing around with sweet dreams a bit. I don't know how often people are using it in this way, so forgive me if this is old or unusable. I haven't gotten to try it in game yet.

    I've been ending my combos with sweet dreams instead of additional spikes as a small trap. I realize that characters with advancing wakeups or teleports should get out easily, but that still leaves some characters vulnerable, yes? For example, b1, 2, u1, dash u3, dash f4,2,1, far spike, sweet dream, forward tele. while you tele you can confirm the hit on sweet dreams and either jp in for another combo, or back off to continue zoning. You lose 3% damage if you don't do the second spike which isn't significant, and if they block the SD, they take 1 chip and you can GT for 2 more chip i believe.

    Another thing was using it as a 'reset' in the corner.(I don't know if this would be considered a reset or not, once again, not used in game just yet.)

    I was doing corner combo b1, 2, u1, u3, f4,2,1, near spike, f4,2,1, EX spike, sweet dream. I dont know if the opponent has frames to do a fast special, but ex spike leaves them standing and after you use sweet dreams it looks like there is time to do your 50/50 or take a grab because it would appear they have to block the sweet dream.

    I'll be testing these out thoroughly tonight, as well as some other stuff I was fooling around with, but I thought I would run it by the freddy boards to see what you guys thought.
  2. Plop

    Plop Shower o' shit

    I never end my combos with far spike. Its not like Shang's groundskull or Quan's rune. When its in a combo the input has to be lightning fast for it to come out and the timing is really hard to get down and it varies with every combo. I hate it.
    Thus, i always end my combos with either a teleport into crossover or a sweet dreams like you described.

    As for the corner one you mentioned, i just had a little fiddle in trianing mode with it and it seems work perfectly. I never would have guessed that the time it takes for the sweet dreams to hit them is just enough time for them to come out of the stun from the EX spike. I havent tried it in game yet either, but it seems fuckin great!

    I'm reasonably new to Freddy, so i don't know if this is old or not, but wither way good shit man
  3. nah, you can dial in the far spike for combos. If you do the bnb i put above b1, 2, u1, dash, u3, dash, f4, 2, 1, far spike, you can input f421 quickly and then have time to buffer the directional imputs to do the far spike.

    Edit: I was doing the corner reset with ex. spike again and just realized you can actually combo the SD off of the EX. spike. If you do combo it it knocks them down so obviously thats not great, but theoretically, doesn't that mean with a small pause you can get it not to combo instead, giving you the reset?
  4. Plop

    Plop Shower o' shit

    To be honest, the only combo i can land the far spike consistently is b1, 2, u1, b1, 2, u1, EX spike,jip, f4, 2, 1, medium spike, far spike. The timing's really not strict on that one at all, its as if the game feels sorry for me and wants me to have it lol. The problem isnt that i dont have time to buffer the inputs, it just seams like they have to be done really fast and at a particular time.
    As i say, Shang's skulls and Quan's runes are no problem at all, its just this one godamn spike lol.

    With the combo reset, i think you're absolutely right. I don't even think there's gonna be any trouble with any aspect of it (assuming you've got meter anyway, which Freddy usually does). I played one or 2 matches online earlier (literally like 2) but i never got them into the corner to try it out.

    EDIT: I had a quick crack at that combo you suggested but i had a bit of trouble following up after the u3 so i decided to stick with my regular bnb
  5. You might just be messing up the inputs a bit. Just remember that once you input the f421 you can immediately start inputting the direction inputs so long as you hit the buttons accurately just before then. Really it doesnt matter to much I dont think. The bnb that i put up there gives 35%. If you add the extra far spike at the end you get 38% but the 3% isn't worth it if it means you might get a free 50/50.

    As far as the reset, I got only and had a chance to try the first one, which was the bnb ending with far spike into sweet dreams. I caught people out of that one several times. It is possible for them to get away from the sweet dreams if its a regular far spike, and they can also block. on the opponents that started blocking it, i would do sweet dreams and immediately throw GT or FF and get them with some extra chip, block pressure, and sometimes it just hit. They are also able to do an advancing wake up attack after the far spike, and that just gets them well out of the way. For that reason, watch out against NW, JC, Raiden, anyone who has a far fast special or a teleport. Wake up attacks that are stationary lose to the sweet dreams. That being said, if you do the ex spikes at the end of the regular bnb, it might give you a different kind of set up, i gotta try that and see what kind of options you get out of it.

    I didn't get an opportunity to try the corner combo reset online though, so pending on that one. I do think it will work though.
  6. DarKNaTaS

    DarKNaTaS Retired!

    i been working on 2,1 sd after i hit them with the ex ground claw seems to be working well for me try that out
  7. That would stop the stun from the ex ground claw though. I'll have to take a look but I'm not sure it will work the same way.
  8. Plop

    Plop Shower o' shit

    Doesnt work midscreen but in the corner it looks to me that only a fast special can escape it...but all i can do in training mode is put the dummy on autoblock so who knows.
  9. AK Vip3r

    AK Vip3r Ghost of Vip3r

    reset with ex claw in the corner. do 4, u3, f.2,1,4 dream drop, b.2/b.3 or any other block string you would like. ex dream drop here guarantees you the next hit plus armor. I sometimes use ex dream drop if im confident in the match. (btw, you build some nice meter off of the block string after you do standing 4.) I promise this works, i've been using it for several months now.
  10. Plop

    Plop Shower o' shit

    Actually, looking at the corner reset some more, the f21sd gives them one or two (hardly any) more frames to escape than if you just do a well timed SD, but i think i prefer the f21sd. Here's why:
    The combos i've been doing are:

    1) b2u1, u3, f421 EXspike, quick dash back, jip, f21SD = 42%
    2) b33CloseSpike, u3, f421, EXspike, quick dash back, jip f21SD = 37%
    3 b2CloseSpike, u3, f421EXspike, quick dash back, jip f21SD = 38%

    The reason i like the quick dash back, jip f21SD is because it makes it all look seamless. I dont think the opponent will even consider throwing out any specials. They might be holding block already, but that's where the 50/50 comes in.
    If this works even once, you can just do the whole combo instead of going for the reset and get 52%, probably ending the round.
    Nobody ends up in the corner with a full healthbar, so once they're in there they are fucked. They don't even get a wakeup attack. This shit is deeeaaadly...I just wish Kano had something like this lol.

    Once again, I'm new to Freddy so I don't even know if this is new, but its fuckin good. This alone is making me think of seriously maining Freddy.
  11. I don't see where the ex claw fits in. Also what are the properties of ex drop?
  12. DarKNaTaS

    DarKNaTaS Retired!

    maybe i confused u i ment to right f+2,1, sd. plop has the right idea with ending it that way. because f21sd leaves the other player on there feet and prevents them from waking up. but there is a small window to get out of it. in the corner its much harder to get out.

    u kinda lost me with the commands u put there 4, u3, f.2,1,4 dream drop the 4 starting it left me perplexed i gonna have to try it to see how this works.

  13. Ahhh, I see what you're saying. I'll have to give it a try. I will say that I am more inclined to continue with the ex. spikes > SD. Reason being, is that i don't think it actually leaves them a window to do anything other than block your next attack, and therefore would be a real consistent reset off of a combo.Additionally, I was thinking about it, and it looks like it will also work at mid distance outside of the corner. If you can end a combo with ex. spikes at mid distance, into SD, you should be able to tele forward and get your free 50/50. At max distance i'm not so sure.

    On the other hand, I don't know how small the window is you're talking about, so I'm going to have to test it. Obviously doing f2,1,SD, uses no meter, so thats definitely more economical. I'm about to go hit the lab/online anyway, so I'll give it a shot.
  14. Jim

    Jim Emperor of the Moon

    Far spike is really important to Freddy's game. It is easy to screw up the input, not sure if you saw my post in another thread but I have a good way of practicing spike inputs in practice mode. Go into practice and pick Kung Lao for p2. Set him to wakeup attack (I also turn on autoblock but it isn't needed) at start he is mid spike range so you start with: mid > far > far or mid > far > enhanced > far. When he does his wake up he will either teleport or spin (Kung Lao is also one of the few that will switch between enhanced and regular moves on wakeup in practice) Regular teleport puts him close on the opposite side, enhanced puts him close on the same side, regular spin keeps him in the same spot and enhanced spin puts him at mid range.

    You can just keep practicing and he just always changes up so you'll practice all inputs without changing any settings.
  15. AK Vip3r

    AK Vip3r Ghost of Vip3r

    lets say you end your corner combo with an ex claw. do jip, standing 4(this puts them in a long hit stun) u3, f.2,1,4, and so on. (they will be able to block after you land standing 4, but will have to block your next attack.)
  16. Plop

    Plop Shower o' shit

    This has helped me out alot actually. Thanks very much :)

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