Sweet dream juggle resets?

Discussion in 'Freddy Krueger' started by Flagg, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. Flagg

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    So im still a little new to Freddy but I think this guy is a true, unexplored gem and was wondering if anyone has any little Sweet Dream resets?

    For instance if you B12U1 you launch them, then I thought "well, can you dash after and do: B12>>sweet dreams" I've used this with some success but im not sure if it's just people not familiar with the match up because it looks as if they should be able to recover and attack.

    Of course if they just remain blocking then leaves you to continue pressure and go for B2 or B3 for the mix up into ground claw.
  2. Gweedo888

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    i know the f21 sweet sreams is a good pressure tool
  3. Flagg

    Flagg Noob

    Hmm, i've been messing around with his F21 into nightmare stance (as you can follow up with a low, mid, high attack) but didn't consider Sweet Dreams.

    Is this just walking up to them and F21 or using this off a juggle?
  4. Gweedo888

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    no you can do jip f21 sw or after f21 if you don't think you can hit nms sweet dream them and keep it going cause they will take alot of chip go to the freddy section and look for the Darknatas vids part 1 and then pt 2
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  5. AK Vip3r

    AK Vip3r Ghost of Vip3r

    if you use f.2,1 base string, sometimes use f.2,1,b.3. b.3 is a low hit and knocks the opponent down and will make them respect your options when going into that string, thus making f.2,1 > dream drop, very viable.
  6. Metzos

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    I was messing around in practice mode with Freddy yesterday and if you do a F21 NMS 2 and then :ex sweet dreams you ll get a reset if they dont tech roll or wake-up attack. It requires abit timing though.
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  7. Gweedo888

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    Okay so its nms2 lol I was trying to hit the idea but couldn't fo the lifed of me rememeber what version of nms and my phone was dead lol anyone know if f33 of b33 goes into sw? I'm thinking if u don't have enough meter for exspike afterward and might help keep it safe

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