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Swamp Thing: First Impressions (IGN)


Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
man i hate when that vince guy reviews anything for ign im interested in. talks in buzzwords and bs 95% of the time

no mention of what his trait is.
mentions the vine grab has 3 variations and only says what two are.
and nudgets of wisdom like "Unlike Supergirl’s teleportation move, Bio Fission is relatively slow" supergirl normal tele is 33 frames :/

really starting to think the mad aa move where he covers himself in trees is a gear move that isnt mentioned at all, no mention of the slide into knockup or the straight arm when tree come out either moves we saw also :( (although the straight one could of been a normal maybe)
i was hoping the bio fission was a gear move cause looked the least interesting from the trailer
dont like the fact the log kick wont travel full screen but its whatever

weird to find out the long vine grabs are command grabs, thats a bit mad.
very savage to learn the green thumb move has both a restand and heal option, that sounds pretty sick.

my guess is that green thumb is the trait,
i wonder if that or the vine grabs and typicial nrs command grab inputs of dbf/dfb?