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Support the Injustice 2 matcherino at Combos Breaker


Combos breaker 2019 is gonna be an historical major for the NRS community with it's 800 player signed up for MK11. It will also be the place for a side injustice 2 tournament organized by Vandy: https://smash.gg/tournament/kit-side-tournaments-at-combo-breaker-2019

TO show that the NRS scene is able to do more than a one and done I created a matcherino for that tournament and I encourage anyone who is able to to donate to it : https://matcherino.com/tournaments/14251/overview
If you are unable to financially support it you can do so for free by doing the matcherino challenge and using the coupon code INJ2CB2019 .

Let's all support those 2 awesome games at combos breaker.


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I'm low key more excited more excited to play in this side tourney then mk11 at cb