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Supergirl Additional/Alternate Moves from Gear


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What are the additional/alternate moveslots for supergirl?

So far all I've seen is:

- Earth Shatter (cost 1 slot)
Replaces rising sun strike MB. MB sun strike for a dive bomb/ground pound attack.

- Suncharge (cost 1 slot)
Allows supergirl to charge her body reducing damage taken from attacks. While active disables kyrptonian lasers.
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I have air heat vision when you press Trait+ RT (in the air). Needs full trait like walking laser, but aimed downward from the air. Cost 1 slot.

I also have a move that replaces MB Kryptonian Force, it is a grab that she drags the opponent along the ground. It is triggered before contact like Kano's MB air ball, but it can be blocked. Cost 1 slot.

I've played against someone that had a charge, it looked like Ermac's, instead Kryptonian Force.
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Surcharge is all I got to use in my hour or so. I like it. Imma need work time with her when the game officially comes out. I said she looked like a better Kitana. I was right.

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Why do people not try to cash out at the end of match. Lift is a vital part of Kitana's arsenal. I'm not sure if its clash able.