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Super Arcade starting 2014 w/ new ideas to revitalize: Member Driven, Modernized, and Made-for-All!


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Mike Watson of Super Arcade, located in Walnut, California has been posting blogs that deal with the current state of "Super Dojo's health". Owning and operating an arcade is no easy task and who to know that better than Mike Watson. However, he's been putting up a fight to keep his establishment and with ringing in the New Year of 2014, he's got some solid ideas for the arcade's future.

His ideas are quite awesome and will hopefully revitalize the arcade's future. One of the ideas he has is a membership system that will benefit the returning customer and much more!


"I have a motto I would like to share with you all, and I hope it's not too cheesy but for the time it took and me being older now, please excuse me. "Member Driven, Modernized, and Made-for-All!" I think this motto fits the ideas behind my new business plans really well. I have developed a new strategy that I think will finally generate the revenue needed for Super Arcade to not only survive temporarily, but stay relevant for years and years to come. Without exposing too many specifics I can say that my main goal here is to attract the business of the college students across the streets... continue reading the full blog here! "

Source: SuperArcade
Well at GGA to play at the arcade it is a $15.00 entrance fee with every game set to free play. So most people pay the $15.00 and play as much as they want all day long.

A lot of guys that come in to try and set world records have to come in and practice a lot. So they pay the year membership fee of $375 and they can come as often as they want all year long. All they have to do is come in twice a month and they break even. Most are here 2-4 times a week.
Which games would this entail? I'm assuming the retro stuff like Donkey Kong and what not?
Actually every game. He have a couple Donkey Kong guys here. One has set like an 800,00 score so he is getting there. Every machine here has a card that shows what the world record for the machine is and what the local high score is for it.
While I wish the guy success, if he is just now trying to attract the college kids "across the street" to spend money at his location, his business sense is lacking.


You will learn respect!
This is what I was waiting to hear... a plan and not just donations because that doesn't help in the long run.

I really hope it works out!