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Super Arcade in Walnut, CA needs your support to remain open


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In a recent blog entry made by Mike Watson of Super Arcade, located in Walnut, California it doesn't get much clearer that the arcade needs the communities support to remain open. The arcade is the home of many reputable weekly events such as "Wednesday Night Fights" and TRB hosted with Level-Up Series. As many of us realize, the arcade business might be a dying breed, but many will say that if you've got a local venue to gather with your friends and play offline... you shall cherish it.

Super Arcade is 100% without a doubt on thin ice right now. I cannot and will not sugarcoat this so if you really do care you better start doing it now. There were a couple instances where I was really close to just shutting it down for good and walking away.
It's very sad to see this, especially during this time of year. If you are able to support Super Arcade, please do so and bring your friends! You can read the rest of Mike's blog here: http://superdojo.blogspot.com/


Mike has mentioned to us that they would be willing to do a Mortal Kombat/Injustice ONLY weekend IF the support was there. Please think of just gathering, meeting people, leveling up and having a good time.

If this is of interest to you and you live in the area, show that you mean it by supporting Super Arcade.

Source: http://superdojo.blogspot.com/
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It'd be great to know how much he needs, and also what the long-term plan is for keeping it open after any short term donations. Super Arcade is a treasure, one of the last places like it in the USA -- and it'd be a real shame to see it go.
How exactly would a MK/Injustice only weekend help? Or do they just mean having those games on stream only?

As much as I hate seeing these places go, I feel bad in saying that it is just inevitable that it will go. With the new systems supposedly using Cloud technology to make online that much better, it'll only be a matter of time before online finally catches up with the offline feel.

But I do hope he reaches the goal he set for this donation. Good luck to him and his staff.


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weekend of injustice?
a permanent injustice tournament, stream starts with pools I assume.
is hard to help with so little details, It be nice if they gave more info on what events they plan on doing to get through this.
I strongly believe that injustice has come to the point where it can gather a least a thousand viewers, with the a good schedule.
The main reason I don't watch WNF is the time and the quality of the stream(chef's stream).


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They already do Super Smash Sundays. And those guys bring like 100s of people to that local. So I doubt they'd sub that for MK/Inj that only get like 15/20-30 entrants exclusively.

The best thing people can do is go and support their game. There was a point where Injustice would get 40 entrants a week. If we could get back to that I feel like it would help a lot.


This is a damn shame. I live in NorCal so i havent made it out there yet but i certainly plan on it early this year. I wish all the luck to Super Arcade and I hope it will be around so i cant show up.

Please post more details so we can help in others ways if we cant attend the events.


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How exactly would a MK/Injustice only weekend help?
If the community support was great enough, it would essentially give us more exposure while also helping Super Arcade get in to better financial standing.


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We can give him all the money he needs, for now... but what is the long term goal? If he can't keep a steady income and stream of people coming in spending money then SA will be in the same boat down the line. WNF is a great thing and I'm sure it brings in some good coin. Has he looked into sponsors? He streams several times per week with The Runback, WNF, etc which always gets at least 300-1k+ viewers.

It will be a sad day if SA closes... arcades just can't make enough money in today's console based market.

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As much as I hate seeing these places go, I feel bad in saying that it is just inevitable that it will go.
At this point it's really hard to see any alternative. A few years ago I couldn't be bothered to give a damn about the state of arcade gaming....but after getting into the FGC I now realize what a precious resource we're slowly losing...possibly forever.
Ultimately streams will continue and the tournament scene isn't going away any time soon.....but what's the next step if/when this happens? Are locals going to be relegated to whoever's garage or basement happens to be available?