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Breakthrough - Summoner Summoner Interactable Combo Video and discussion, more potential?

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Hey guys! I was messing around with summoner and some options off bat on interactables and it got me thinking what else he could use these for? Im not a very good combo artist so i think some of you may be able to help me come up with more. heres a short video of what ive come up with already. Not all are just summoner so maybe his other variations could have different setups?

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They are definitely swaggy, if you wanted to look into it a little more I'd try and see what you can get off the armored interactables. Like you said, they are all highly situational but I'm sure they'd come in once or twice to escape pressure.

And my other thread was before the skull buff anyway so none of the combos are optimized as of now, it's still got some nice ideas to build on though with the armor interactables.