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Discussion in 'Sub-Zero' started by MK Kobra, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. MK Kobra

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    MK Kobra
    I feel like Sub-Zero was nerfed instead of buffed after this patch. You can't even ex slide through a projectile unless it is on start up. I was hit out of ex slide with Raiden's fireball and Cyrax's net. What's the deal?
  2. greeneless

    greeneless Noob

    They projectiles dont have to be on start up, just wait until it gets a bit closer to you and then start up your slide or something.

    Nerfed? lol

    I think its absolutely perfect. You can use it to escape pressure, or projectiles if you time it right. Depending on when you do it, where you do it, or what character you do it against, they might have time to block the slide. It makes it a risk and reward type thing, with the possibility of linking an ex slide into an ice clone and all.
  3. Bidu

    Bidu the CHILL of DESPAIR


    Hmmmm. Ok.
  4. Godking Nori

    Godking Nori I2 > SF5
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    I stopped reading after this. You are a silly guy
  5. MK Kobra

    MK Kobra Noob

    MK Kobra
    All he got was armor on his ex slide, and it's not even full armor. He had his reset removed, and the dash nerf makes it harder to combo off a freeze. Ex freeze is pointless from anywhere further than midscreen too.
  6. MK Kobra

    MK Kobra Noob

    MK Kobra
    I hope all of your posts are this insightful and informative...
  7. Godking Nori

    Godking Nori I2 > SF5
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    You are right. He's clearly nerfed. The fact that he now has armor on slide so you can't lock him down anymore (especially if SZ's back is in the corner, cause you know, SZ is not good in the corner on offense) and the TEENY WEENY upgrade of having 10 frames extra time on freeze.....

    Yeah, SZ got nerfed. Good call
  8. MK Kobra

    MK Kobra Noob

    MK Kobra
    Who said anything about his corner game being weak? Sub's corner is one of the best in the game. I said the ex slide is a buff, but I don't see why it doesn't have full armor. The thing is it feels like he got nerfed more than buffed. That extra ten frames of freeze is nullifed with the dash nerf. I would rather have the old dash and freeze times back. Way to not respond to what I said about ex freeze because you know I'm right.
  9. Azrael

    Azrael Noob ur not right...i can think of a few other characs that dont have armour for the full duration of an ex move...and we're not complaining about them are we? Anyway...if u consider sub bein nerfed rather than buffed id hate to see what u would call a buff... Why not put armour on his normals too? Dunno lemme know what u think. Btw ... u have no idea what that "nerf" did to subs gameplay n matchups if u can say something as wise as that....alot o ppl(subs opponents ofc.)complain cuz he got the buff and now im seein a guy complainin n callin sub a nerfed charac....just wow....the mind boggles...
  10. MK Kobra

    MK Kobra Noob

    MK Kobra
    I don't know what the patch did to sub's gameplay? I play Sub everyday and have put many hours into him post patch. Do you even play Sub-Zero? I love how none of you comment on the dash nerf. That's what hurt him the most. I remember trading ex freeze with cyrax's net post patch and not being able to get a combo. So I miss out of a 25% combo and one bar of meter for a slide? Get that outta here... I already said he got a buff. Everyone and their mother knows he has armor on slide. I'm talking about everything else that changed. I feel like some of you guys don't even play sub-zero and are basing what you say on the patch notes. "Oh he has ten more frames on freeze AND armor on slide! This guy is the new kung lao!"... I'm outta here. I feel like I'm losing brain cells reading what some of you guys are saying. Oh yeah and thanks Tom Brady for clearing that up.
  11. Azrael

    Azrael Noob

    Dude....if u play everyday and can make a comment like u did....u need to switch characs...or games (lol j/k). O and btw...i didnt realise u still have "brain cells" with the amount of garbage u posted thus far...KL?? really? I think u made that up..noone here said anything like that. Anyways....have fun n please dont respond to this. This is just a nightmare of a thread...u ask a question...ppl explain and u wanna tell them they dont know what they're talkin about?! Lol, okay expert. My bad. I guess i should instead be thanking u for this awesome find! Sub nerfed! Y isnt this shit on the front page?! Anyways...peace bro...get some rest...maybe ur a bit tired from all those hours u say u put into ur subs gameplay. Have a good one mate! ;)
  12. Godking Nori

    Godking Nori I2 > SF5
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    MK Kobra: You don't have to play SZ to see some very common sense things here. The dash nerf is not that big of an issue. Very, very few people are complaining about it. Nerf JC's dash and give me armor on some more moves and some buffs on my special moves, and I'll be pretty happy. The fact this all has to be explained to you, THAT'S what's causing brain cell loss. You notice no other top SZ players are agreeing w/you, so maybe it's not us.....maybe it'
  13. Ravox

    Ravox Winter is Coming...

    EX Freeze and could not combo?

    You know that to dash you need to press forward 2 times, right?
  14. Dark_Rob

    Dark_Rob Noob

    How is the dash nerf an issue when dash-blocking is still exactly the same?? You can dash block across the screen in almost half the time you can normal dash across it. The dash nerf is meaningless, especially if we are talking about dashing over to an already frozen opponent. You can speed dash becasue you know there arent any projectiles coming at you.
  15. Azrael

    Azrael Noob

    Maybe that guy PUNK'D us!!! WTF...i didnt even see it...we were successfully trolled!....i mean....that much garbage in just a few posts couldntve been for real right? Damn...i do feel like a sucker.... *sigh*
  16. MK Kobra

    MK Kobra Noob

    MK Kobra
    Dark Rob: Thanks for actually replying to something I said unlike those two clowns. If you can just dash-block as fast as you can dash before, then why would they change it? I would rather have the old dash and freeze times back, the armor on slide would just be a bonus.

    Oh yeah and to that guy saying he doesn't even play Sub-Zero and just read the patch notes, thanks for proving my point. That explains why you're so ignorant on the subject. You probably shouldn't post here anymore.
  17. Truth

    Truth Noob

    Kobra you should be able to get a full combo regardless of dashing if you hit them with ex-freeze; I think you can basically walk up to the opponent because that is how long the freeze duration is lol. Anyways just to paraphrase what Brady has said in another SZ thread the dashing nerf is actually advantageous for us SZ players because of 2 things: 1. It slows down everyone's mobility if they don't dash block and lets face it SZ wasn't one of the most mobile characters and 2. Makes the game more footsie-oriented and SZs D4 is on par with the best in the game, not to mention you can bait pokes with D4 clone.
  18. Odoyle

    Odoyle Drops combos

    I feel Sub is buffed because I can trade with reptile, kabal etc with a slide when the freeze would break just before I could get it off pre-patch. If I have a clone out and you throw a projectile I'm ex sliding you into that clone for 30%. Dash blocking takes time to work out but either learn or lose.
  19. MK Kobra

    MK Kobra Noob

    MK Kobra
    I was talking about ex freeze trading with net. Pre patch I was able to dash up and combo, but now I can't. Guess I should practice dash blocking. Thanks for actually posting something useful. TB knows what's up.
  20. mingzang

    mingzang Master of Disaster

  21. Gesture Required Ahead

    Gesture Required Ahead Get on that hook

    Hey Kobra, 'sup? Didn't know you were on TYM. And yes, SZ doesn't get full armor on slide. So does Reptile's X-ray and no-ones complaining about that besides me.But since he also got armor on slide I don't even Xray through projectiles anymore.

    I don't know if you played my Sub Zero before but I also main him besides Reptile and Kung Lao.The only thing I'm butthurt about is the removal of the ground-freeze reset. Because now I'm actually forced to use 22 besides hit-confirming 212 all the time. And I didn't really notice a significant difference considering his dash and projectile trades.But TBH, I never liked trades anyways because most of the time in my situations it'd be always full-screen and all I would get out of it is a slide.
  22. Ermaculate_Slim

    Ermaculate_Slim Shazam!!!!

    Didnt know sub's En Slide only had armor 3/4 of the way I posted the vid you were talking about kobra.But its seems it was supposed to happen since the armor stops around the time you got close.

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