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Match-up Discussion Sub-Zero vs. Sindel and Noob


I main Sub-Zero and absolutely am confident in his abilities. With that said, I feel that Sindel and Noob, or most zoners with extremely fast projectile spamming can deal with Sub-Zero with ease. Any advice or comments on how to use Sub-Zero against projectile spammers?


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Against powerful projectile characters, you have to forget the ice clone exists. It's gone. Don't use it. Ever. You have to get aggressive. Roll up your sleeves and dig the fuck in for a knock-down dirty ass bloody fight. You gotta get inside and stay on their ass and go punch for punch.


Block your way in and start dictating terms. Learn the spots where you can put out some safe ice blasts to control space and get in close the moment they get hesitant.
I usually just try to trade one of their projectiles with an ice ball..Then get close and combo. If i can't reach them in time for a reason i'll just slide and after that i'm right by them
Where? Give me a link maybe?
It's stickied at the top of Sub's forum. Here's the link: http://testyourmight.com/forum/showthread.php?4825-This-fight-shall-be-their-last...Subby-Z-Matchups.

With Noob, trade with his projectiles. Then get in, and use JP, b+1,2,1, so that you don't have to deal with his wake-up, and then mount your pressure and mixups. Also, your Ice Clones won't break when you're hit with Noob's stuff, including his teleport, so...I dunno, use some here and there. It's more of a gimmick than a strat at this point, though.

Don't know much about fighting Sindel, as I hardly ever do. Just try to avoid her spam and get in on her. Don't think you can really trade with Ice Ball.