Sub-Zero - Tom Brady Discusses Corner Strategies vs Shang & Liu Kang

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    Everyone's favorite Sub-Zero player is now back with some fresh videos. While Sub-Zero might not be the best character in the game, the strategies that Tom Brady uses makes him known for his Sub and for reason. Setting it up against Shang Tsung and Liu Kang, Tom goes over several set-ups including the options you have along with how to punish your opponent's reactions. All of these strategies are tailor-made for the corner. From getting Liu Kang to the corner to keeping them there.


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  2. Relaxedstate

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    Poor shang is getting his swag stuffed these days in dat corner
  3. astronout

    astronout see you at the top.

    exactly. leave shang alone. worry about kabal or kenshi!
  4. cR WoundCowboy

    cR WoundCowboy WoundCowbae <3

    Meh, these are still just options against Shang. All of them can be blown up on a read. Shang still wrecks SZ imo. Lol even Brady said that he would use cage instead of Sub against Shang in tourney.
  5. Glass Sword

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    Well Tom asked to have his stuff put on the front page... and he got what he deserved. Already watched both of these before they hit the front page (too bad I don't play Sub-Zero anymore). It appears Tom's strategy for Sub-Zero is push your opponent into the corner then trap and kill them for all matchups.
    astronout He already has one out for Kabal! Also I think Kenshi is a lost cause for Sub-Zero lol.
  6. shang wreck sub? lets not get carried away here, that mu isn't even bad like that haha. Tbh, i got it even because shang's pressure really isn't that much of a problem and getting around his zoning doesn't take much if you ask me, maybe that's just me haha.
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  7. Eh SnOwY

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    "Thanks for the bar of meter, AND you're Dead."
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  8. scarsunseen

    scarsunseen We will never forget, remember LK-4D4!

    Videos dont work for me. Says they're private.
  9. its not that bad, i really dont have a problem vs shang in tourney. I played wound when I would rather pass out then play but I figured that i hadent really had a chance to play all weekend so I wanted some games. Those 3 games, while close, doesnt REALLY show the MU. That being said, if the player ONLY plays Shang, then I would use Cage. Shang players are in denial on that MU.
  10. scarsunseen

    scarsunseen We will never forget, remember LK-4D4!

    Fix yer damn videos, internet noob!
  11. cR WoundCowboy

    cR WoundCowboy WoundCowbae <3

    It is 6-4 shang. He really doesnt have to pressure sub because the clone doesn't matter that much. Shang's pressure is solid as is his zoning (in certain mus). The pressure is a big guessing game and sub has to get in because otherwise he gets chipped to death. Tom Brady i am not basing my judgement on the few matches we played. I have played many games with denzell and shoryuken, so i have had this as 6-4 for awhile. I would like to play your cage more, because i really dont think its that bad. I think dizzy would agree.
  12. yeah cage shang I'd have 5 5 for sure, i'd put liu shang 5 5 as well since that mu seems very even.
  13. cR WoundCowboy

    cR WoundCowboy WoundCowbae <3

    Yea I gotta play more with you. It is sort of an annoying MU. The main reason I had it in Shang's favor was because of Shang's pressure and Liu's lack of a good poke besides D+3. But lol it doesn't matter if I can't get in.
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  14. WoundCowboy I agree shang sub MAY be 6-4 shang advantage, its not that bad of a MU though.

    Cage beats Shang if you play the MU like a Sub-Zero player. Once shang gets knocked down he really cant get up. 1 ex shadow kick in the corner, air breaker, etc etc and shang is in trouble. also, Cage has a lot of options in the skull trap and to get out of the skull trap on wake up while cornered. I have A LOT of exp Cage vs Shang, and I exploit a lot of things that most Cage players do not in that MU.

    I actually may go to SCR, so if I do, we'll get lots of games in.
  15. This vid just shows options to get shang off of the close ground skull when cornered. it only takes one read, you go up over 60%, shang will have a hard time getting that back.

    also, as much as the corner game is a guess for sub, the skull trap is a guess for shang. F+4~close ground skull can be armoured in between. f+434~ground skull can also be armoured out of.

    D+3~close ground skull can be jumped out of for free pressure, or armored out of. in fact, ANYTHING shang does can be beat by armor if he cancels to a ground skull.

    after blocking the close ground skull, sub's d+3 will beat out all of shang's normals outside of d+3 and d+1. if shang tries to loop the skull trap off of d+3 or d+1 you can escape, as i mentioned above.

    also, unless shang has you block the ground skull at near point blank range, you can clone and escape all his options. shang can read that and follow up with a medium ground skull. but, you can read that, and get a free jump in combo.

    these are reasons why I had it at even, but not playing since sept 11 (TTT2 release) really had me rusty and forgetting a lot. in fact, when wound was playing shang in tourney, i wanted to explain all the variables and ways in and out of the skull trap but didnt because I actually couldnt remember lmao.

    sub vs shang may actually be 5-5, gotta play it again now that i'm active again.
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  16. yeah liu's zoning is actually very good, combine that with his footsies and getting in on him is going to take alot of work and patience. Shang got to corner liu to get some real dmg done, kind of like sub has to do vs liu.
  17. Tom Brady, if you go to SCR, then we're for sure getting some serious casuals in haha, didn't get to play at dallas bcuz you were so busy and the hotel rooms had tons of ppl playing.
  18. XBlades

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    IE XBlades
    liu kang can iaf over d+4 its pretty sick!
  19. xblades!!!!!, u need to return bro, i did do you a favor in repping liu at dallas!!!!, liu's legacy lives on.
  20. XBlades

    XBlades To Achieve, You must Believe
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    IE XBlades
    heard you did really well, good stuff, PL does hate liu...we had our few matches lol
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  21. cR WoundCowboy

    cR WoundCowboy WoundCowbae <3

    Well then I hope to see you at SCR, Tom Brady so we can grind these matches. I look forward to seeing you compete in future tourneys.
  22. REDRUM


    is Detroit going to NEC? Will Shang defend the throne ?

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