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Sub-Zero Reveal Trailer for Injustice 2


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UPDATED w/ Sub-Zero reveal trailer below!

Sub-Zero will be entering the Injustice 2 universe with his like-Mortal Kombat XL moveset featuring ice clones, air clone and more! We see a mix of Grandmaster & Cryomancer Sub-Zero coming to Injustice 2. Sub-Zero's tentative release date is July.


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Wow. That was quick, I mean, Red Hood just dropped and they are already showing off another one. Makes me wonder if he is going to come out (and the DLC characters in general will release faster) than expected.

Really excited though. I really feel that I'm in the minority when it comes to his design, I really feel that it's one of the better ones and I can't wait to see what his gear options will be. Will get have the other ninjas' palettes? Will he have classic gear or will it all be new? I'm really hoping they get his Deception helmet in there.

He also seems to always be holding a sword. Makes me wonder if he's a stance switch character and it will kinda be a throw-back to the 3D games, and how MK characters had hand-to-hand and weapon stances. Would be really cool if they did that!