Sub-Zero - Leveling Up Against Scorpion & Mileena by Truth

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    Truth brings forward a refreshing, strategic video for Sub-Zero players that are especially having difficulty with Scorpion and Mileena players. Focusing on ways to punch their teleports, if you want this video closely... the next time you encounter these two characters, you'll be ready! Note: Be sure to thoroughly read the notes in the video about timing and execution.

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  2. Truth

    Truth Noob

    Thanks Storms for the Frontpage!
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  3. Bidu

    Bidu the CHILL of DESPAIR

    So simple, yet so elegant. I'm speechless, good find, Truth.

    Well deserved.
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  4. Lord Beef

    Lord Beef The one and Only Beef Supreme
    Premium Supporter

    Good stuff man. Makes perfect sense too!
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  5. Nice find, this is great info for Subby. I did notice a different combo in your video than the inputs you posted for ducking Mileena's sais. Did you mean 212~freeze, b12, 22~slide? Thats what the combo looked like when you did it in the footage. Great find though!!!!
  6. NariTuba

    NariTuba disMember

    diggin the family effort!
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  7. Enenra

    Enenra Go to hell.

    l Enenra l
    Nice, Truth! This is just what Sub Zero needs.

    Classy man. Pure class.
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  8. 1man3letters

    1man3letters Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
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  9. Via_Negativa

    Via_Negativa Darkforge

    good stuff While I was doing the millena ones I didnt think at all to try this on Scorp
  10. Truth

    Truth Noob

    Oh yeah my bad lol Thanks for the heads-up :)
  11. Truth

    Truth Noob

    I think SZ isn't the only character that is able to punish Mileena's Ex-Tele Air Sais if the player crouches under them. Since it already whiffs, I think other characters in the game also have fast enough launchers to be able to punish the whiffed sais.
  12. zaf

    zaf professor

    ive been doing the exact same thing with ermac for ages now.
    using d1 and tks to grab them out of the air
  13. CptXecution

    CptXecution Brain Dead Bro
    Premium Supporter

    I love doing these, makes the opposing player want to rage lol. Nice vid Truth.
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  14. Truth

    Truth Noob

    That's the thing, I didn't learn about doing D4~Iceball until 2 weeks ago lol It just never crossed my mind as a SZ player. However, the other Mileena teleport punish where you wait on the whiffed sais to pass over you, then you stand up and punish is something I haven't seen anyone else do or talk about.
  15. JagoBlakeFGC

    JagoBlakeFGC Catch me if you can!
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    Oh, this is GODLIKE.

    Thanks for sharing this information! Scorpion and Mileena will fear my Sub-Zero now... ;)
  16. Nice vid. Throwing out random ex-tele's with Mileena is hardly a good idea but most of the time you get away with it because people don't know how to counter. Lots of character, if not all, can counter this. Scorp can do d1~spear.
  17. Shang Tsung is good at this.
  18. Fatality_check

    Fatality_check Never Gonna Give

    Never thought about the ice ball after d4, just kinda assumed it wouldn't work. Nice man, very helpful. More video's should be like that, simple and the music suited lol
  19. matterovermind

    matterovermind mindundermatter

    Great video, thanks. I dropped sub a while back, but since my brother has been going hardcore mileena recently, I might pick him back up to try this stuff!
  20. LUCKY0346

    LUCKY0346 AT Gaming

    good shit, but nothing new... i used d4 into ice ball as anti air..
  21. Eh SnOwY

    Eh SnOwY DBFZ Player in 2018

    Catchy tune and nice stuff :)
  22. salvificblood

    salvificblood Worst Sub-Zero Ever
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    This is actually a very powerful tool, especially in the scorpion mathcup because he will never be ble to use ex teleport to get out of the corner.
  23. Garasky

    Garasky Noob

    I am a sub player .... now more knowledge to me !! YES SIRR
  24. Durpity Durp

    Durpity Durp Fan Fan Fan D1 D1 D1...Kitana Wins.

    A good mileena will never teleport kick on
    sub zero unless he's a jumping jack flash. Zoning all day baby.
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  25. Alright RyRy

    Premium Supporter

    Sub top tier

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