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Discussion in 'Johnny Cage' started by Lyspher, Sep 20, 2018.

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    Ey. It's the guy who doesn't own an actual copy of MKX and instead just plays couch sets over at his friend's house, bringing another piece of cool tech that has yet to actually be tested. Mucho gracias to whomever decides to verify this; that being said, onto the tech itself.

    The gist of it is that SD might be capable of covering the entirety of his opponent's wakeup options - buttons, jumps, backdashes, tech rolls, delayed wakeup and armored reversals - with just two potential setups, one patching up the other's weakspots.

    First is EX Mimic Shadow Kick (MSK from this point), which will beat jumps and buttons for 9% damage, corner carry and knockdown and will parry the overwhelming majority of armored moves for a full combo, thanks to how insanely fast its recovery is. It should also chase down tech rolls and backdashes - however, i haven't tested and confirmed this myself. In turn, delayed wakeup should beat EX MSK, making it go over the opponent - however, this too, needs testing, since MSK might recover fast enough to guarantee pressure anyways; or alternatively, there might be a punish window for it on whiff. Lastly, blocking negates this option by leaving you in a crappy +2 for a mimic and a bar situation, which sn't a complete loss of momentum, but is still enough to count as beating the setup.

    In summary, EX MSK: beats buttons/jumps for knockdown, beats reversals for combo, should beat tech rolls and backdashes for knockdown (needs testing), should get beaten by delayed wakeup (needs testing), and gets 'beaten' by block.

    The second setup comes from F3 xx EX Mimic Rising Shadow (MRS from this point), as MRS has a possibly unique combination of properties: my knowledge of MKX is far from encyclopaedic, but i don't think there is any other move that is plus on block (enough to jail buttons), launches on hit and can be cancelled into, all at the same time. F3 xx EX MRS, in particular, is the only EX MRS cancel that jails, making it particularly strong.

    This setups will beat buttons/jumps for full combo (unlike EX MSK), give you jailing pressure on block; it should chase down tech rolls and backdashes for a full combo as well, and it should give enough active frames to completely cover a delayed wakeup and give you guaranteed pressure afterwards. Reversals will stuff this; tech roll into reversal might stuff this too.

    In short, what needs testing for this particular setup is how it interacts with tech rolls (with and without reversals), backdashes and delayed wakeup.

    Overall? This might just give Stunt Double a meter intensive, but quite threatening pseudo 50/50 oki setup to use after grabs, F244, F34, and 114 knockdowns, and just any knockdown you get in general. It sounds great on paper, which leaves me aching to see if this really works - unfortunately, between work, college and my friend being equally busy, i don't think i'll have the chance to test this out myself anytime soon - hence why i'm just leaving this here. Hell, maybe there's someone else who still plays SD and needs this tech to be true.
  2. Lyspher

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    Ok, one extra thing to add to the checklist if anyone tries this before me: how plus on block is Ex MSK? If you look closely at the patch notes, it's only written that the plus frames of meterless MSK were slashed - no mention of the same for Ex version. It's such a rarely used move that i wouldn't be surprised if it was actually double digit plus on block this whole time without anyone noticing.
  3. Cobainevermind87

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    Yeah. If you have a mimic out, I don't see why you'd do anything but ex rising shadow for plus frames. I forget off the top of my head, but it's like plus 15-18. Jails into anything.
  4. Lyspher

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    Aye, but it only jails off of F3, so there's a risk of getting reversal'd if you try to use it for pressure after, say, F24. And, afaik, it will trade with normals/D2's if used after mimic activation, which strips you of guaranteed pressure and combo potential when you cancel into activation after a string.

    Ex MSK already allows to punish opponents trying to armor the gap after activation though, and if it were plus enough to at least have F3 beat out 6 frame pokes, it'd be the go to option there.
  5. Mikemetroid

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    ex RS has a gap and isn't that plus anymore.
  6. Ardet

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    Yeah this is good idea. But only if EX MK has armor when you are standing. I think it only has armor on wakeup tho...

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