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Tech Stuffing Wake-ups with F23

Emperor Eevee

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I notice that after I do a knock down and if I were close enough, I could input F23 to stuff certain wake-ups. So far, this is what I have and the moves I've put are the only ones that BEAT the F23 on wake-up,I also need to check again against center wake-ups.( I.E. MB wake ups and characters with Armor) So i'll update that and add videos later when i finish recording them.

~Here's an example with Trident Rush, that of which i just got the timing for.

~Water Sheild
~Atlantean Rage(Super)
*Trident Scoop - Specific timing.

~Warp Transmission (Front and Behind)
~Close God Smack
*God Smack - Specific Timing. If you miss, he will land behind you and you won't take damage.

"Trait Active"
~Venom Uppercut
~Raging Charge
~Break the Bat(Super)
~Body Press

"Trait Not Active"
~Venom Uppercut
~Raging Charge
~Break the Bat(Super)

~Slide Kick
~The Dark Knight(Super)

~Lightening Cage

~Cat Dash
~Cat Scratch(Trait)
*Feline Evade -Only if the F2 wiffs since she will dodge the shot
~Nine Lives(Super)

~Power Fist
~Target Locked

~Sword Flip
~Sword Spin
~Eye for an Eye(Super)

~MB Venom
~Mass Destruction(Super)

~Lightening Charge
~Lightening Kick
~Speed Zone
*Sonic Pound/Flying uppercut - F23 doesn't hit Flash, but Harley doesn't get hit either.


~Latern's Might
~Beware My Power(Super)

~Cleaver Spin
~Walking Corpse
~Grave Digger(Super)

~Tantrum Stance
~Mallet Bomb(Super)



~Black Ice
~Endless Whiteout(Super)

~Corp Charge
*Coordinates Recieved(Super) - Immediately after the first hit, block.

~Escrima Fury
~Flying Grayson
~Staff Spin
~Dark As Night(Super)

~Deadly Sin(Super)
*Empty Void - I know of no Raven player who wakes of with this but if they do, delay your input since she can catch the 3 and MB it to hit you.
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Emperor Eevee

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~Mercury Storm(Advancing and Eluding)

~Arachnid Sting
~Sinestro's Might(Super)

~Low Scoop

~Shield Strike
~Amalthea Bash
~Justice Javelin(Super)
*Bracelets of Submission - Both the F2 and 3 must connect.

~Flying Bat
~Smoke Bomb
*All her other wakes have different timings*

~Psionic Push
~Martian Grab
~Son of Mars(Super)

~Hook Charge
~The Main Man(Super)

~Itlum Kcik (Multi Kick)

~Hell Flip
~Leg Takedown
~Welcome to the Netherrealm(Super)
*Teleport (regular) - Depending on the timing, he could land behind you or fly over you.

~Galactic Destruction(Super)

Thoughts? Also, please tell if I got anything wrong.


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This is some good information im going to try some of these out for sure. Thanks guys