"Study This!" A Sonya Blade Retrospective

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    Originally, a Special Forces lieutenant named Kurtis Stryker was going to be included in the original Mortal Kombat. Ed Boon, however, noted that that would mean that there wasn’t a single female character in the game. Taking the story of Kurtis Stryker, the MK team instead devised a new character, a woman capable of hanging with ninjas, monks and monsters...and kicking their ass.

    Ladies and gentlemen, Sonya Blade!


    And tracing her journey from Special Forces lieutenant obsessed with vengeance to damsel in distress to General Blade are Shad and Razor with a double shot on the latest edition of the Lost!

    The boys go into frankly extraordinary detail on a character that I, to be honest, would never have imagined could actually cause such in depth discussion. Sonya has one of the most vocal and enthusiastic fanbases (some might say annoyingly so), but I can’t count myself as a member. She’s never really interested me, with her story never really evolving after MK3 as it should have, her design always being dull (Kerri Hoskins aside, hello nurse) and being totally overshadowed by the infinitely more charismatic and interesting Cage, Liu Kang and Raiden in MK1.


    Her role as the female character was usurped in MK2 by Kitana, Mileena and Jade, all of whom immediately eclipsed her in popularity, though I still don’t dig any of em (I sound terribly misogynist here and as the female lead of the story (Kitana), but Sonya’s fans have diligently stuck to their guns and she remains one of the most prominent characters in the franchise, despite being essentially the good guy version of a henchman.


    Showing my lack of interest up as the indicator of the lore-scrub that I am deep down, Shad and Razor devote an incredible amount of time to Lt Blade, making her retrospective one of the longest Netherkast retrospectives done yet. It’s an episode heavy on critique, yes, but I wouldn’t have even thought Sonya could engender critique of that level. It’s a must-listen-to for all fans of Sonya and all fans of MK.

    Also, shout out to Sonya herself for being stealth top 3 in MK9 and that design being by far the dumbest character design in NRS history, Batgirl be damned.

    Don't @ me.

    As always, check back to TYM everyday for all the latest news on Mortal Kombat, Injustice and everything NRS!
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Discussion in 'Podcasts, Shows & Archives' started by Charybdis, Jul 9, 2018.

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