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Stryker semi-infinite

I can't get launcher, riot gun, whiff, aa, riot gun to work on N64 MKT. The second riot gun never seems to work. I was always able to pull this off in SNES UMK3 and PSX MKT. Was it removed in the N64 version?


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u mean launcher, gun, whiff baton throw, aahpx2, gun, etc? its somewhat different on n64. I haven't tried that much, but anyways, never got it to work :(


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make aahp, very short pause aahp, gun, repeat vs male ninjas, jax, usub, stryker, kano, female ninjas while holding forward. it may work one someone else with this pattern too but i'm not sure and cant check right now since i'm at work


Does Stryker have a ludicrously fast D+HK as well? It'd be hilarious to get some aa.d+HK juggles midscreen.
Even in PSX MKT and arcade UMK3 there is delay between guns so you have to either space out the HPs or not cancel them right away.


It is best to get them to land on top of the gun and not get hit by it at the same level, this way you have more time to dash, and time the punches, don't cancel the second gun instantly.