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Stringing Combos & advice

Hello people,

I keep making huge improvement with my geras and I couldn't be more than excited! I was playing last night and I noticed, a lot of my sandtrap wasnt coming out. Also, I'm hitting B22 FB2 in a game, and also the mix up with 11, DB1(close). Can anyone give me tips on the input timing of these special move cancels? I play on an xbox and would be helpful.

*side note
I notice my uppercut not hitting a lot, and also I tend to get beat by faster characters going for low pokes because my D1 doesnt have the range. What is the best suggestion on stopping this?

Ck AeroVoid

this is An uninspired Custom Title
go to settings and input timing set to long
and release check: off
Uppercots hit a little higher than x but are not as far reaching