Stress Test Baraka combos, tech, ability combinations, etc

Discussion in 'Baraka' started by WynterEnd, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. WynterEnd

    WynterEnd Your sacrifice honors me!

    With Baraka being a part of the stress test I figured we could use a space to dump our info.

    I don't have much yet, but will be happy to update this first post with the best stuff as it's found.

    So far a like the war banner bash move (db4) - seems safe and you can cancel strings into it. If blocked you're safe (I think) and get your damage buff out, if it hits it's more damage and your buff gets out. Nice.

    Currently trying the bash move combined with the blood lunge command grab. Seems like a nice combo. How about anyone else?

    Any combos? Without gutted it doesn't seem like he really has any, but he's super fun so far!
  2. I've been playing Bone Deep just for the sake of having the extra tool with the BF2 unblockable lunge. I use the B3,1,2 low-overhead string coupled with the B2 overhead to just get solid hits in. Haven't really figured out any cool combos though.
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  3. MadPropz101

    MadPropz101 "I still got it...but not much of it"

    Baraka is awesome
  4. Johnny Based Cage

    Johnny Based Cage The Shangest of Tsungs
    Premium Supporter

    Corner punish with spine burst equipped:

    122 (KB), 4~db3, 4~ender
  5. WynterEnd

    WynterEnd Your sacrifice honors me!

    Can anyone get the chop chop to amplify? What's the timing?
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  6. Blade4693

    Blade4693 ....

    I had a hard time to get anything to amplify tbh, it's still R2 right?
  7. WynterEnd

    WynterEnd Your sacrifice honors me!

    No, R1 my man :)
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  8. Blade4693

    Blade4693 ....

    Ah, that might be why none of my stuff would meterburn lol it's been a while since I have played MKX/I2 haha

    Thank you for clearing that up for me :)
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  9. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl Double Kahns, Double Briggs

    At first I thought he needed to have gutted(for the combos)equipped at all times to even be viable but once I started fooling around with his tools I can see he’s actually pretty scary without it even.

    His 33/33/33 mixup between his duckable command grab, his low string, and his overhead is super oppressive and you need to know how to properly use the universal wake-up to get out of the loop because it’s entirly in dashable and even trying to jump out is risky.

    Leg skewer seemed iffy to be until I realized that it was a low(that looks like a mid, which is good) and it had a KB(I think it’s a counter hit one but I can’t tell). Meaning you can use it to mix people up and you still get he utility of Blade Charge’s directional toss without needing to use it.

    Unfortunately, Bladewalk is hot garbage despite looking so fun and cool. Unless I missed some secret tech with it, it’s one of the most unsafe moves in the build across all he characters, it doesn’t juggle that well, the corner carry is only okay, and the damage isn’t even that notable, doesn’t even lead into a combo.

    His command grab is deceptively fast.

    So far he’s exactly what I thought he’d be going off of the footage. Extremely simple but pretty much every thing he has is practical and consistent.
  10. Johnny Based Cage

    Johnny Based Cage The Shangest of Tsungs
    Premium Supporter

    My thought is, sure an extra layer to the mix is great but if you already have the overhead/low maybe it would be better to take gutted than the command grab so you get more reward for their wrong guesses? Either way it seems pretty balanced to have to choose between the two options there so kudos to NRS for that.
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  11. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl Double Kahns, Double Briggs

    Oh you’re absolutely right about that.

    The problem is Leg Skewer and Gutted can’t be equipped at the same time, and I find Skewer to fit my style more.

    I’ve been trying different set ups though.
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  12. The Ultimate

    The Ultimate aka CommandThrower

    I've got a feeling that Gutted is going to be Baraka's most popular special. Most of us probably knew that, but after actually using it, it gives him beefy combo damage. EASY damage, at that.

    I like the command throw, but I couldn't figure out any ticks into it, at least not in the stress test's environment.

    EDIT: Seriously, being able to convert 30% or more damage off of landing a F4 is really, really good. If you can properly whiff punish and play the footsies game, F4 into Gutted is going to be a big boon to your game(no, not THAT boon)
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  13. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl Double Kahns, Double Briggs

    War Banner Bash has a shocking amount of range lol
  14. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl Double Kahns, Double Briggs

    Here’s one of my games from earlier, still figuring him out so of course it’s a bit scrubby but:

    His fatalities are great but I always love finishing with the grab Brutality

    A few matches later I learned to gospel of df+3 and threw crouch jab in the trash.

    Talk about a good fucking button
  15. The Ultimate

    The Ultimate aka CommandThrower

    Noted for future reference.
  16. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl Double Kahns, Double Briggs

    Its part of Baraka Barrage, by the way. For one variation pip you get a better standing jab, a better jumping jab, and the unique df+3 that’s an amazing low poke.

    It’s even cancellable but the move itself is so damn fast that the window feels finicky
  17. Jago

    Jago no
    Premium Supporter

    You can get f+4,4 off deep jump kick and probably some other stuff.
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  18. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl Double Kahns, Double Briggs

    So I finally started fighting other good players and it feels like he really can’t open people up without his skewer, or even command grab.

    You don’t really ever had to block high against Baraka unless you see him so 1,2 or b3,2 or b2 and those are both very easy to react to in neutral.
  19. The Ultimate

    The Ultimate aka CommandThrower

    I feel like a lot of characters are going to have this issue in MK11, but they make up for that with good ranged buttons and good walk speed, so that they can play the neutral better.
  20. This. I love the move. Stuffed some wakeups with it, and you can general push yourself out of punishment range with it.
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  21. HatecraftsWife

    HatecraftsWife Day 1 grill

    F21 xx BF2 tick throws.
  22. Mint

    Mint too weird to live, too rare to die

    I've been playing Bone Deep. Biggest kombos I've had so far..
    In the corner
    B31-spine burst- 122
    Can also connect uppercut with tight timing instead of 122. Not sure of damage difference .

    Midscreen 122 kb into f44 kb

    Combos seems very limited with him outside of gutted which isn't in any base variations. Im trying to stick to tournament variations only. Hopefully we start finding some good stuff
  23. The Ultimate

    The Ultimate aka CommandThrower

    Really? That sounds godlike. Of all the strings, I was hoping that one would tick.
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  24. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl Double Kahns, Double Briggs

    Another clip from earlier

    This character has some good ass buttons, especially with Baraka Barage, as he should for a guy with swords sticking out of his arms.

    df3, df1 d2, b4, jdf1, all godly.


    Was fighting a guy with a mic, apparently when I did the flag swipe it fucked his screen up for a few seconds every time. He said he’ll send a picture of it later.
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  25. iNoScopedJFK

    iNoScopedJFK Silent Salty Solider

    Gutted and spines seem to be the best way to play Baraka imo. 112,Gutted(MB),4,Spines,112,Gutted hits for over 40% in the corner.

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