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There's no "needing" anything to play better. It's whatever you're most comfortable with. Plenty of top level players use a controller. Snake Eyes, Knuckledu, etc. They all play on a regular controller and do very good.
Wow I never knew that, cus 90% of the players I see in tournament videos use arcade sticks, makes me think that you really do need one for better execution.
Picked up street fighter. Messing with dhalsim. I have a very very slight idea what im doing. Other than that just complety lost: (

Edit: Has anyone actually got a ranked match? Tbia is fuckin ridiculous.


Normalize grab immunity.
Picked up street fighter. Messing with dhalsim. I have a very very slight idea what im doing. Other than that just complety lost: (

Edit: Has anyone actually got a ranked match? Tbia is fuckin ridiculous.
FYI, Dhalsim is one of the "harder" characters. He doesn't have buttons you can just press. Just make sure to no your ranges and angles and get a feel for what button does what. Then once you're able to get hits you'll want to learn how to setup his instant air teleport mixups/pressure and I think he is still currently really plus on a instant air yoga flame.

Just gunna wait for super duper street fighter 5 turbo deluxe party edition in two months.
Not happening so you'll be waiting for a very long time. I can see them doing another disc years later but I highly doubt it. Especially since they have a F2P model and balancing will be done through patches.


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the collectors guide/artbook has EVERYTHING you need to know about SF5. I purchased it last night and Im reading it now and its the most informative book I have ssen for a fighting game. It has multiple pages of combos for each characters and a dictionary on all the terminology. It comes with a code for a handy E-guide as well. Its expensive but worth it.

Otherwise just google and find stuff for free, but if you want the real deal you can trust with everything you could possibly need to know... this is it. they sale them at games top 35$
You know Amazon sells it cheaper right?

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Does anyone's Training Mode lag when it's searching for online matches? I'm on PC and it's the only time when I experience lag.

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Yesterday I bought the Delux Edition that contains Season pass for 80£ ! I've never paid that much for a game but the only reason I wanted play the game was because Nash/Charlie made it back after over 15 Years. Played the game for and hour or so and Nash felt good.

Good normals - forward advancing
He can play in neutral comfortably

The Sonic Booms are slow but they still allow him to apply pressure as he could do.

He can counter zoners really good I think because of the special and his V trigger

Damage wise I guess he dose fine - but brute force is not his game.

Swaggy as Fuck my alter Hattrick :D

Decent AA with dmp/shk

Now the bad:

Slow pokes, could have hard time to get out of pressure but with the V trigger he can escape

Slow projectiles, he feels kinda of slow compared to his alpha speed.

That's all I got for now.


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Playing MKX almost exlusively for a year made the first couple of hours in SF5 hilarious. I loved waking up with cr.fierce when I wanted to block low, and getting my shit pushed in for doing EX moves with short+fierce.

Tinkering with R.Mika, Karin and Fang. Can't wait to get home from work and play more.


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Well, 6 gb patch? I'm not playing online until tomorrow. lol

Well, I'm in training mode with Vega, I like the new specials, but my god, the range on some of his normals are significantly worse than SFIV. I see his claw and leg go right through the middle of the opponent and not count as a hit.


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I really wanna learn how to play this game but not with an arcade stick. I mean do you really need one just to have an easier time with your execution?
There are awesome SF players who just use pad, so no, it isn't required to play on a high level or anything. That said, stick does have some mechanical advantages over pad, and Hitbox has mechanical advantages over stick.
Ken could do with some better footsies, but I think he's a zoner now. Which I'm very happy about.
i disagree, Ken has pretty good footsies, one of the best imo, besides Cammy and Laura, he does great damage and can create overwhelming pressure, i dont think he is a zoner at all.
Hey guys whats the link for combos?
what do you mean? link is timing the button while the opponent is still in stun animation when the previous hit connect, depending on which character you play the links are different, for example old man Ryu, do standing medium punch then link a couching heavy punch, unlike in MK, you cant really just press buttons in a set sequence and whether the first hit of the sequences connects, the rest will also connect, in SF you have to time each button depending on the previous one and so, you also have to recognize which normal allows you to link to which normal (Ryu again, you can also link standing medium punch into crouching medium punch or crouching medium kick.. so on and so forth) you just need to test with your character.. on the other hand, sfv has a lot of target combos (same concept of MK) which some allows to be special canceled while others do not, like Ryu's standing Medium punch-heavy punch-heavy kick which cannot be special canceled, while R.Mika's standing light kick-standing medium punch can.