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Street Fighter V: Champion Edition and Seth Reveal Trailer


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Seth looking actually interesting for once. Looks like his mind got stuck in one of Shadaloo's dolls.

Champion Edition is actually a steal in terms of value so I look forward to February for sure.

Should have been Makoto though. I miss her so much. Also if Seth is actually gender fluid representation that's a huge step up even though capcom probably wont give that idea credence any whatsoever. But hey, all lore is valid until they say otherwise, lol.

7/10 announcement not enough to get me playing this year but 2020 for sure. Rose, Oro, Makoto, C Viper would have made me more excited


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Female Seth looks awesome. Apparently there's some content unlocking tonight, and a possible rebalance?


You may be wondering why Seth looks somewhat different than in Street Fighter IV. In truth, Seth is more machine than human, and was never male or female to begin with. Seth’s exact origins were never made abundantly clear, but this character didn’t make it through the events of Street Fighter IV entirely unscathed. The form you see here is the remnants of Seth’s biological brain paired with the body of Doll Unit Zero. It’s a different look, to be sure, but Seth still speaks with the same voice and craves both M. Bison’s demise and data on the strongest fighters.
It's kinda cool that the body he took over looks like Juri, you know, the person who destroyed his original body.

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I have yet to see Cammy's new V-skill. Anyone knows where I can see it?
There’s no details, but its basically Cody’s vskill 1 with different properties. I saw it a week ago, its in the Gil breakdown video.

They definitely said at least the new V-Skills, and there was a graphic with "Balance changes" so that's legit.

8 Pm tonight is maintenance until 12 am for the oatch

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Would the most accurate term for Seth be non-binary? Site said Seth is neither man or woman

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Seth looks sick. He might be the reason I get back into SFV, those combos were dead sexy.

Sad how we're in a time where Mortal Kombat has tamer combos than Street Fighter