STLBarWarz Presents : Mass Appeal Madness (Midwest Regional) Streaming 1/14/12

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    Reposted from the Facebook event page:

    "Danno's American Pub has been the weekly hook-up spot of choice in St. Louis for the past year. Slowly growing in ranks, our STLBarWarz weekly events bring in anywhere from 30 to 60+ unique players for each session. The next step was to go mobile on a trip to stream Kansas City's Maxout event. Now we're asking the midwest to come to us! Danno's has set aside its space for an entire business day to run a regional tournament larger than any of our previous efforts! Every major game (and a few others!) will be played in tournament competition. So come enjoy our hospitality and lets bring together the entire region for a weekend of hype, upsets, and pop-offs.


    Door Charge : $2 (Earns 1 Raffle Ticket; Charge void if you have a confirmed setup, see below.)


    o Doors: – 11:00 am
    o Casuals & Registration: 11am – 12 pm
    § Capcom vs. SNK2 – 1pm ($4) [PS2]
    § UMVC3 Brackets Begins – 1pm ($10) [XBOX360]
    § Tekken 6 – 2pm ($6) [PS3]
    § AE 2012 Pools Begin – 2pm ($10) [XBOX360]
    § 3S OE – 3pm ($6) [XBOX360]
    § KOF XIII – 4pm ($10) [XBOX360]
    § MK 9 – 4pm ($10) [PS3]

    § FINALS 6PM - 10PM
    - TOP 8 FOR UMVC 3, AE 2012

    o Raffle ≈ 8pm (After Top 3s End)
    o Money Matches/Casuals/Closing. – 10:00pm - 1:00am


    Side Events/Features :
    o Custom Cuttaz vs. MMCBlackKen & Mightboosh (MMC Membership Match) 10pm

    Poverty Side Tournaments : (All $3)
    Fatal Fury Real Bout Special. 2:30pm [NeoGeoMVS Cabinet]
    Garou : Mark of the Wolves. 3:30pm [NeoGeoMVS Cabinet]
    Vampire Savior. 4:30pm [Capcom CPS2 Cabinet]


    - Five Minute time limit to get to your match unless you are in a confirmed match in another game. You will be DQed if you cannot make it to your station in this time.
    - Once a tournament has began, no late entrants will be accepted. All brackets are final. Be on time!
    - All games 2/3 Matches, 3/5 Losers/Winners/Grand Finals. Tekken Included.
    - Payout for games. 70/20/10. There may be pot bonuses announced in the coming week.

    SETUPS :

    We need to confirm 8 XBox360s and 4 PS3 setups for this tournament to run as designed. Your screen needs to be 2ms-0ms lag. Asus monitors preferred. Your setup will need to be available from 11am until the end of the night. We will store your equipment safely if you must leave before Mass Appeal Madness ends. Donating a setup with get you in the door for free for the entire day (raffle ticket still included). Thanks to community in advance.

    Confirmed : Xbox360 (4/8), PS3 (2/4), Screens (7/12)

    RAFFLE :

    We'll be pulling for our raffle for Mass Appeal Madness at 10pm near the conclusion of the tournament. We'll be pulling some preliminary prizes from our sponsors and then turning the focus to the grand prize - a totally custom STLBarWarz stick dual modded and featuring an LED light show, made by our community’s very own Raoul Duke!

    You can “level-up” your odds by generously donating to the STLBarWarz fund. You support the fighting game scene locally (helping us get better equipment for the live stream and tournaments) and also increase your odds of winning awesome stuff!

    Regular Tournament Entry : (1 Raffle Ticket)
    Keepin’ It Classy Level : Add $2 (2 Raffle Tickets)
    Shadowloo Level : Add $4 (4 Raffle Tickets)
    Marlborough Men Clique Level : Add $8 (8 Raffle Tickets)
    GodTier Level : Add $14 (14 Raffle Tickets)

    Sponsored by : Logic Fighter, Dior Nights,, Slackers CDs & Games, and The Hawk Alliance. "

    Currently the stream times should be the same as when the events start, I'll keep posted about it as I find out more. Anyone one from the STL coming out, do feel free to add info.

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