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Starting a match


Head Cage
There is no universal move to start out with Noob. Depends on the opponent, what character they're playing, etc. This is something you're going to have to figure out in time.

STB Bodam

"Game... Blouses."
I love the race for the first hit in this game. I swear, people still think you get extra meter or something. It took me a few days before I realized... there is no point to play unsafe at the beginning of the match to get the first hit anymore.

That said, when I'm feeling frisky... I like using B3-1+3 or F4... sometimes walk forward a bit and B2.
F4 after a little footsy. D4 is really nice for it's range. I never understood the importance of range til I tried other characters for a bit.
I usually b2 on first round if I don't have any insight on my opponent's habits. I use the result(did they get hit walking back/forward? did they just block or yoloport?) to dictate actions in future matches. If they like to stand there and crouch block, I might d3/ walk forward and throw. Hell i've even did a round start yoloport once or twice. Sometimes depending on the MU I step back and b1(whiff), 1+3 to catch a counter poke. It's Noob, and as he lives and dies by the footsies, knowing your opponent goes a long way.