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Tech Start a combo, Reload arrow and fire it in the same combo midscreen

Eddy Wang

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02:24, Crossup J2 into 111 connects because when you hit J2 the characters position makes the head bend in arc, it can't be hit by front.
04:46, i was trying to hit an ice arrow after an electric arrow combo, i missed lots of times, and i'm not sure if its actually possible.
05:31 B2 is the most damaging starter.
Well Fellow Green Arrow players this is it.
If you guys remember, L0rdoftheFLY has on his last arrow trap, he was doing some corner combos that allowed him to reload his arrows to continue his reset.

I noticed a few days ago that this can be done anywhere in the screen to improve your combos and let your Ollie ready to start a mixup game with any kind of arrow ready. This wasn't possible before i assume, but its possible now due the Universal D2 buffs.

If you start your combos traitless (0 Arrows) you are able to load arrow during the combo and yet use this same arrow to end the same combo as finish (if Ice or Electric Arrow) or to reset them (if ice arrow).

If you already have an ice arrow loaded, your able to load another type of arrow and finish your combo as you please with any finisher and get on the offense position with your arrows loaded to start new mixups. Which in sequence against characters like Deathstroke, Superman etc, getting you to load fire arrows or electric arrows during the combo to choose how you finish your combos, ollie would definitely get some ground for zoning and an easy get in due the arrows threats loaded way before.

The big downside of this, is the double damage scaling you will get from it, as you guys know, D2 Scales damage, and ice arrow also scales your damage taking away 5% damage.
Some of these combos will deal 33%, 34% damage because you have to spend 2 bars for it and not drop your combo.

So, because of this unnecessary scaling provoked by Ice Arrow, not all the examples are definitely worth it, so i ask you guys, if should we start using this setup to improve offense and mixup game in specific situations? which ones? Or we should stay with the boring F21D4 traitless we have, and then pray for a good situation to load another arrow?

Tell me what you think of the Lagoon interactable (Electric Wires) use to extend combos and damage.
If all this was already know by most of you, then i'm sorry for posting this, its only me to blame for not checking the threads regularly, its seems there is nothing going on recently.

To colt, it seems that Green Arrow would be much fun if he was played this way, but yet, this is discouraged due the damage scaling he gets from ice arrow, and the 2 MB bounce cancel to get in the house of 30's%. If his ice arrow wasn't scaled (is -5% now i believe) if there was no scaling or -1% on it, would give i'm a bit more of damage to use this setups. Or at this point you consider this tactic broken?
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this was actually possible before the d2 buffs (someone posted it, i think in the combo thread), but i haven't been able to look into how much more useful this is now with the buffs. i think it made a couple more setups possible with it. i abuse the hell out of this though, since after a hard knockdown you don't take time to load an arrow, you have a bit more time to bait/react to what your opponent is gonna do. plus it's so damn sexy, lol.
stupid edit function isn't working for me right now, but i'm going to lab it up once i get my pad back and see what i can come up with this. it's useful as hell and i'm sure there's something we're missing.


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i'm 4 months late:(
that thread is a mess btw
I know. Please thank Seapeople with his "no, having a thread dedicated to BnBs is confusing" and "GA has a billion infinites that aren't really infinites but I really didn't bother to check". What happened to that guy btw?

Eddy Wang

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I know. Please thank Seapeople with his "no, having a thread dedicated to BnBs is confusing" and "GA has a billion infinites that aren't really infinites but I really didn't bother to check". What happened to that guy btw?
dunno lol, maybe he went to the army or was kidnapped by the FBI or CIA

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Yeah. Gives lower damage. I use in on Aquaman primarily so I kan be up klose to interrupt his wake ups and get that oki game...


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Try this same thing but with the bounce interactables ~ d2 x Arrow.

If you can do that you might be able to hitconfirm into ice arrows without them being stocked first on some stages.

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Yeah, cossner is right, this was posted about a while ago but not as in depth. It was the vortex and bait wake ups thread.

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any way we can use it, eve if its known? or its all square one again.

Aquaman, Raven, and Doomsday are the ideal match ups you should D2~Load Ice Arrow for since you kan stuff their wake ups.

Aquaman has nothing he kan wake up with if you time it right. (It's hard though so practice.)

Raven has nothing unless she's in trait.

Doomsday has Up Venom but the risk reward is in your favor. So I think it's worth it.

Eddy Wang

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I see.
I will start to end my combos with a fire arrow or electric arrow ready to see what good or bad this can bring to GA.


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It works well but I'd rather just max damage with b3 j3 j2 and 2nd in 111 or 223 to load arrow

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I will use this set up to load ice arrow if I get them int he corner and can end in my arrow trap. When I get you in the corner, It is really easy to dominate using the arrow trap.

So if I get the chance to do this near the corner, I will. Good stuff eddy