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Stage Brutality discovered!


I heard this was a thing over a week ago but I had never actually seen it.

I feel like the lack of stage Fatalaties/Brutalities is another sign that the game was rushed. Hopefully they will be added in upcoming patches, like they were in MKX over its lifetime.
I actually have a theory that the special forces desert stage is supposed to have a stage fatality just based on the fact that it seems to keep one missile in the "main" gun in the background. Dunno if that changed and it was a bug (only noticed it once while practicing) but that might be to make sure a possible fatality animation always visually makes sense.
Wait people didn’t know about this?? Lol. I remember seeing it the first week of release. Maybe even before release. I think I’ve even mentioned it a few times.

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Here’s a bunch of people mentioning it. This news article makes it looks like we’re like 2 weeks behind the times, lol... :cool:

The requirements seem to be that the opponent must be standing between mid to full screen away from you for it to work. I've done it a few times.
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