Spring Arena Champion vVv CDjr to be interviewed tonight on The Loser's Bracket podcast. (9pm East)

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  1. The Loser's Bracket is a weekly video podcast show hosted by vVv Gaming live on our Twitch.TV channel. The show airs live every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern.

    This week on the show we will be interviewing vVv CDjr about his experience with the MLG Spring Arena and more. Additionally, we will be taking open calls live during the show. Feel free to tune in, or even hop on skype and join the conversation.

    Have questions for us to ask CDjr during the show? Leave them here and we'll make sure to get as many as possible into the broadcast.

    If you have any feedback for me, please email me at [email protected] or tweet to me at @vVvParadise. Hope you all tune in and I'm looking forward to the interview tonight :)

    Link to our Twitch.TV channel: Click here!

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