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spinal: Vergilesque mixups/technology thread

this is a character that will have a shitload of stuff to exploit. post some stuff here.

far st hk is easily his best meaty at 6 active frames.

heavy laser sword is +3 for one skull. it does push out a lot but you still get easy counterhits all day with it. on hit it launches and you can combo into instinct steal and get an overhead fireball.

his most broken thing is what im referring to as Rapid Slash because it functions in the same way vergils rapid slash does in marvel. you cancel blockstun in the front into heavy teleport crossup and use a skull to cancel into laser sword or shoulder charge.

example on sadira without instinct:
meaty stand hk (forced to block), heavy teleport, use a skull to cancel into shoulder charge or laser sword, do a combo, if sadira is going to get instinct due to your combo end with the launcher ender and juggle with st hp - instinct steal super, immediate upskull (corner only because midscreen you have to run up to ensure meaty timing), meaty stand heavy kick, repeat.

sadira has to guess on wakeup over and over again because she is denied instinct. this is basically a vortex on her.


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I was actually messing around with these kinds of setups earlier today. As soon as I find anything new I'll post it
woahh you can cancel the end of the launcher ender directly into an upskull for frame advantage even on quickstand. really good.

he has really good grounded resets: drop your combo with a light auto, then do the rapidslash (cr lp on block, heavy teleport ~ laser sword)
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Not sure if this is the right place to post but I've got some Spinal gameplay footage-combos among other things courtesy of MILE_HIGH_CLUB

Let me know what you guys think


Yeah that launcher ender is what I've been messing with with those OH skull setups.

Haven't started using meaty setups, that's probably what I should start working on.
THIS is what you do on sabrewulf. just watch the first couple minutes the rest is me testing and being sad that it doesnt work on any other cahracter

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nvm i dont think this works on human opponents. looks like they arent allowed to block the low fireball, or dont because theyre mashing or something because every time ive tried it so far its never worked they just get hit by the fireball and flip out.


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The one I do personally is ending with lazer sword H ender into b.hxxFireball super and then a low fireball.