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Spinal returning as a Warrior God? "Fräls oss! Fräls oss! mäktiga gud!"


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The character Spinal, who is an animated Skeleton of Ultratech and returning for Killer Instinct in January 2014 may be returning bigger than we thought? In a recent tweet by Mick Gordon, who is apparently the composer for several games including the new Killer Instinct, tweeted about something in a different language today. By first glance you wouldn't have an idea of what it meant... all you would end up caring about was the fact that "Spinal" was part of it.


His tweet read:
Vi krigare samlas vid helig grav
Kallar på Spinal - krigar guden
Hans hjälp vi behöver i denna stund
Fräls oss! Fräls oss! mäktiga gud!
Which, when translated: (via Google Translate; detected as Swedish)
We warriors gather at the holy grave
Calls on Spinal - warrior god
His help we need at this moment
Save us! Save us! Mighty God!
Spinal was the third-last opponent to face in the old single player mode, but was never depicted as a God? How do you think Spinal will turn out in the new Killer Instinct? Could this be part of Spinal's new theme?

Source: @Mick_Gordon via Yung1 @ DoubleHelixGames forum


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Theres a few swedes here I think. Maybe they can clarify if the Google translate is accurate.

I think SimSim lives in Sweden?


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I don't think it means he's a god per se, but maybe people thought he was. Then again, he is 2650 years old.

Also it could well just be lyrics, Mick is the composer after all. I could see it being a chant/sea shanty what with all the pirate stuff. Plus from the concept art it seems like he has a viking alt, and an Egyptian one:


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I am Norwegian too, and it is pretty accurate. Only detail is "the warrior God", instead of "warrior God".


= zσмвιє ѕмσкє, тнє cυяяєηт ѕтαтυѕ σƒ тσм νявα∂αѕѕ
It's pretty much correct. A minor translation error was in capitalizing the initial letter of "gud" to "God" since Spinal isn't meant to be the god but just another god with mystic powers (see also; Greek mythology).

I don't know a lot about the character Spinal but he appears to be a pirate and the Pirates of the Nordic were vikings.


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listen reall good to spinal's theme song in KI 2/ Gold
you can here a voice and the voice says Lordspinal at around 00:14 and a few seconds after that too
and everytime it gets looped
he is Lordspinal his fellow pirates sing his name trough the song he is spinal and he is their lord
and now KI 3 is here he is the warrior god / lord. ass written in the secret message above.


We warriors gather at (the)* holy grave
Calls on Spinal - the warrior god
His help we need in this moment
**Free us! Free us! mighty god!

*If we are going to be literal, then the first line would rather rmove the "the", but that doesnt make that much sense gramatically when you translate it.
** Fräls is an archaic word almost never used, and is more akin to free, liberating, salvation or saving. Frälsningsarmen is for an example the Salvation Army. In a christian context it would be akin to "Deliver us!" where the word was primarily used and doesnt really make much sense in this setting of an ancient (viking?) pirate. Free us is probably the closest to what they meant when they wrote this but not entirely correct either.


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As soon as this character comes out pig is going to be all over these forums lol


= zσмвιє ѕмσкє, тнє cυяяєηт ѕтαтυѕ σƒ тσм νявα∂αѕѕ
"Fräls oss! Fräls oss! Mäktiga gud! Faffan!"